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Period Question.

Hi ladies,


It has been awhile since I've posted here but wondering if anyone has some insight for me.  I had a silent miscarriage at 10 weeks and had a D&C.  I had what I thought was my first period about 4 weeks ago....only it started quickly, I bled normally for about 2.5 days, then it was completely over.  My entire life my periods have been about 6-7 days, so 2.5 days seemed short.  I assumed it wasn't really my period and went on hoping that my *real* period would appear shortly.

 Fast forward to a few days ago... had that first short period been my real period, my calendar said that I would be getting another period on Monday.  Lo and behold, I started bleeding on Monday!  But just like before...the bleeding started on Monday and was over by late Wednesday afternoon.

Is this normal?  Has the miscarriage completely changed my cycle to a point where I'm only getting 2.5 day periods now?  I'm really frustrated and sad.  It just doesn't seem right.  Wondering if anyone can relate or if this seems strange???


Re: Period Question.

  • Miscarriages can throw your cycle out of whack. It sounds like you are getting your period, and at least for now, it's shorter than it used to be. If I were you, I would start charting or at least temping, as it will give you a much better idea of what is going on with your cycle, if you are ovulating and when, how long your luteal phase is, etc. If you want to find out how, you can click on "My Ovulation Chart" in my siggy, which takes you to Fertility Friend. You can sign up for free and go through their tutorials to learn how.

    Sorry if you already know all of this, by the way, it just sounds like you're getting surprised by your period coming, which doesn't usually happen if you're charting.

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  • Unless the bleeding is just incredibly light I wouldn't worry. But check with your doctor to be safe. After my second loss my periods starting getting a lot shorter too. Mine went from 6-8 days of Medium and mostly light flow to 3 days of heavy and medium flow. after my third loss they've crept back up and are 5-6 days of med/light flow.

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  • I miscarried at the end of March, and my first period afterwards was on May 4th-7th. My next was on May 25th-28th. Before I miscarried my cycles were 30-35 days long, and my last cycle was only 21 days. My periods were also 5-7 days long. I'm not much help, but I can definitely relate to you. I actually posted basically the same question as you a little while ago. I'm sorry for your loss.
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