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Keeping up with demand question

Our babies are 2 1/2 weeks old born 4 weeks early and are eating like champs from a bottle. I have been able to keep up with them thus far but I am concerned about maintaining that as they need more to eat. My plan was to nurse and pump but they were so early and too little to nurse so I'm exclusively pumping at this point. My nipples are shredded and so sore that even pumping is excruciating and the thought of nursing doesn't seem realistic. I saw an LC on Tuesday and she said to ditch the bottles completely and finger feed to avoid nipple confusion but my question is does it seem possible to keep up with demand if I exclusively pump and not nurse? If my nipples were not so sore I would nurse but it's insanely painful the entire time I pump.  Any suggestions would be appreciated, my goal at this point is to pump enough to keep up with them both, but without the stimulation of nursing is that possible? Thanks and sorry if this was confusing, sleep deprivation has totally set in.....
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Re: Keeping up with demand question

  • Make sure you have the right size flanges for your pump. It will hurt it they are too small and often the ones that come standard with the pump are too small. 

    Honestly, while I agree with the finger feeding idea, I don't know that it is realistic this early on, especially with two babies. You have to just do your best. Pump at least ten times a day and feed your babies. Then work with an LC who is willing to help you rather than criticize your efforts.  

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