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Bottle Recs

I plan to bf DS2, but want to have some bottles so that other people can feed him if need be.  For DS1 we used Playtex Ventaire, which seemed to work well, but we got frustrated with all the pieces you had to clean each time.  This time, having 2, we'd like something with fewer parts that also works well for bf babies (wider).  Any recommendations?  TIA!

Note: we also tried Avent and BornFree.  We weren't overly impressed with the Avent bottles (didn't feel they vented as well).  We liked the BornFree bottles, but again they had a lot of parts and were sometimes difficult to get clean. 

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Re: Bottle Recs

  • We use Tommee Tippee and don't seem to have any issues.
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  • With DS1 we used Dr Browns (lots of parts) but bought a dishwasher container so we just threw them in the dishwasher each night. 

    This time we are using Playtex Drop-ins and DS2 is doing well with them, DS loves that you can wipe down the bottle and only have to was the nipple each time.  

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  • Thanks!  The 2 I've been eyeing this time have been the drop-ins and Tommee Tippee.  Good to know both get good reviews.

    I've also thought about Dr Browns, but remember them being a pain to clean when I worked at a daycare.  Good tip about the dishwasher bin.  Did you like them aside from all of the parts? 

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  • We used regular old cheap bottles with DD and some medela (not the new Calma bottle) with the Medela bottle tops which are not as wide as say Avent or Born Free but have a wider nipple than the regular cheap type of bottles. We never had any issues with DD switching between breast and bottle.

    Like these: (Sorry not clicky){keyword}

    Nothing but the bottle, nipple and ring to clean. In fact you can take it all apart put the rings and nipples in one of the dishwasher safe bags from Medela and toss it all in the dishwasher. Added bonus is that they attach to my pump without any problems so no extra dishes there if I pump right into the bottle.

    I would have liked to try different bottles but we got so many cheap (Wal-mart Parent's Choice) bottles from my shower with DD from some sort of shower game we played. So I could not return them. I just switched out the bottle nipple and ring for the medela one.

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