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Hello!  I just noticed this board and I thought you guys might be able to help me.

I'm trying to figure out a father's day gift for my husband's first father's day.  My idea is to make a "new dad's survival kit."  I think it's the type of thing my husband would get a kick out of, but so far the only thing I can think of getting him is coffee.  I was going to include duct tape, but he just bought some duct tape (side note: please stop buying stuff about a month before father's day).  

What would you want in a survival kit?  I'm open to both objects and "coupons" (i.e., a coupon for a morning of guilt-free sleeping in... actually, I really should put one of those in the kit).

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Re: Daddy Survival Kit

  • Not a daddy but I was working on FI father's day gift they have a site..not sure what it is but you can print off things like the sleeping in, day of fishing/golfing something they like to do there was a bunch. 
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  • I doubt he thought duct tape would be a father's day gift.  I don't buy big stuff right before holidays if I mentioned it before, but I would buy myself shampoo or razors or anything else I needed.
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  • Yeah, I'm sure no one would ever think that someone was going to give duct tape as a present.  I was just annoyed because he ruined my funny punchline!  And then he bought a new coffeepot (which we did totally need), and that ruined the practical side of the gift.  Leaving me with coffee and coupons...
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  • I won't be a daddy until early next year but you could put a rain poncho in there...

    it has practical uses because well... its a rain poncho but is also kind of funny because of the whole "trying to avoid projectile poop/pee/vomit" thing.

  • i found a diaper dude diaper bag for DH last year for fathers day.  he was THRILLED to have a man-bag to carry instead of my giant "diaper purse"!  that was really a great gift. 
  • If you want to go with some gag gifts, how about a stinky diaper kit? You could put a clothes pin (to pinch his nose) , rubber gloves, tongs ( for diaper removal), air freshener, etc. To go along with the sleeping in coupon, you coul make a sleep kit with ear plugs and a sleep mask in it. To go along with the coffee, you could get a world's greatest dad mug or maybe a nice travel mug. If he likes Starbucks, you could add a Gift card (you could label it "emergency coffee card.")




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