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Baby's Only Organic Formula??

Does anyone have any experience with this formula? BFing is not working, so I'm researching formulas. Any help would be appreciated!

Re: Baby's Only Organic Formula??

  • I used it to supplement DD starting around 6 months.  Even though it says Toddler Formula, that's only because the company advocates to breastfeed for the first year.  I compared the ingredients and it's comparable to infant formula.  There was an article recently about a study done showing high levels of arsenic from the organic brown rice syrup used in this formula, but the company has assured it's safe and is working to change the process to remedy this.  If I need to use formula again this time, I will most likely use it again.  Also, I found the best prices on Amazon and directly from the company's website.
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  • I don't know about that particular brand but we used Parent's Choice Organic formula from Walmart. We use this one because it's very inexpensive and it doesn't have the brown rice syrup that PP was mentioning.  We order it online and have it shipped to us. DD does great on it. 

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