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Hi all!

I am a first-time mom and I live in Astoria, NY. I have a baby girl and she is 3 months old. I am looking for moms in Astoria to possibly hang out with.

?Looking forward to your posts!!!


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Re: Moms in Astoria

  • Hi!

    I don't live in Astoria, but I'm about a 10 min ride.  I live in East Elmhurst.  My baby is due late January.  I'd love to hang out! 

  • Hi!

    This is actually my first post, I've been a lurker since the 2nd tri, but felt I had to respond because there is a great moms group in Astoria! If you search Yahoo Groups for "Astoria Moms" you'll find it. The group meets every Monday at Avenue Cafe (30th ave and 36th street) for a bite to eat and some social interaction. When I was on leave I went every Monday and it was awesome. You should definitely check it out.

  • Hi I am a soon to be mom in Astoria and would love to know some people in the area.  I am due in early January.  I am also on the hunt for a pediatrician, can anyone recommend one in the area?


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