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not a first I am looking forward to

Baby gets her first vaccines tonight. Totally not looking forward to it.

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Re: not a first I am looking forward to

  • kalettekalette member
    My little girl just got hers yesterday. She screamed bloody murder a few seconds after the first shot and didn't stop till she was back in my arms. It was heartbreaking, but lots less miserable for her than if she were to get sick. I gave her baby tylenol when we got home, and once more before bed. She seems fine now today. Good luck, and try not to hate the nurse... :)
  • Maybe I should pick up some tylenol before the appt. She's also getting the rotavirus so I am sure she will be sick tomorrow too. Hate this stuff.

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  • We just came back from ours. Wasn't as bad as I was anticipating. Dr. had me bring Tylenol.
  • It`s not as bad as you`d think... we had ours earlier this week. She screamed while she got them, but was happy once she was back in my arms again, and even though our doctor said she`d be cranky the rest of the day, I really didn`t notice anything... He told me to give her Tylenol before we went, once we got home, and before bed. I forgot to give it to her before we went, and didn`t find it necessary when we got home since she seemed happy. I did give her half a dose before bed though, just in case. 

    I was told to nurse her during the shots for comfort... HA! tI didn`t work because the moment that first needle went in, she was screaming and didn`t care if there was a boob there or not!  

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