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Ecover FS Questions

I've seen it mentioned that Ecover fabric softener is CD safe, but not to use it on PUL.  Is it safe on every fabric (cotton, hemp, bamboo, microfiber)?  Currently we mostly use cotton prefolds, with a few Fab Fitteds thrown in, but we do have some BG and Flip inserts on reserve to try out when she grows some more.  Has anyone had any issues when they've used it?

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Re: Ecover FS Questions

  • I've heard to only use it on natural fibers or else it can cause repelling problems.  Of the ones you mentioned I wouldn't use Ecover on the BG/Flip inserts or the Fab Fitteds (I believe those are synthetic fabric).
  • Yes, natural fibers only.  I use Method every once and a while on my bamboo. 



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