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Is it too early to register for childcare?

I am just about 15 weeks and I am starting to think about work has a very nice childcare center onsite (there are about 3000+ employees here) and they have space for 32 infants.  I am just wondering if I should register now for next year just o make sure I have a spot and have one  less thing to worry you think its too early?    
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Re: Is it too early to register for childcare?

  • If it is getting close to capacity, I would. You wouldn't want to have to scramble around to find somewhere else when you need it.

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  • If you know there are openings now, I would go ahead as long as you've done your research and feel comfortable with your child going to that center. Before you register though, I would definitely do a center visit and care provider interview.  I'm sure it is very convenient, but convenient doesn't always equal quality.  I would also look around at other places too just to see what you like and don't like
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    No, not too early. Better to have a spot in a center that you know and like than trying to go elsewhere. In the center I worked at we would have some Mom's come in when they just found out. 
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  • Thanks, I am going to set-up a center tour and then look at one other local place that I was thinking about.  This one is nice since it is at work (separate building run by the knowledge learning corporation) because I know a lot of people that actually use the center so I am able to get some good candid and honest feedback on likes and dislikes.  
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  • I actually signed up for daycare when I was 12 weeks.  There is one right at the bottom of my hill that I pass everyday on the way to work and I wasn't willing to risk there not being a spot open in January for my LO.  I had to pay $70 to be put on the list but I am now guaranteed a spot.  They took about 2 hours to give me the tour and walk me through all the different rooms/age groups.  I loved it and I couldn't beat the convenience factor.  

    Some cities have daycare centers with >1 year waiting list.  I don't know how you get on that one - apply before you even get pregnant???   

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  • Sign up! All the centers here have waitlists through at least February. It doesn't cost anything to get your name on the list and you won't be penalized if something happens.
  • Get on the list, or at least find out what the application process is.  At some places if you don't take the spot when it comes available (even if its months before lo is supposed to start), you move to the bottom of the list.  You probably will need to make a deposit to hold a space for you too.  I'd get on it ASAP.  You might need to look for a back up in case your preferred place doesn't have room for your lo when the time comes.

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  • We're registered.  Most of the daycare facilities in my area have a wait list for infants (the state limits the number for obvious reasons).  I started calling around, and found that most were on a year or more wait for infants.  So, we started touring and made our decision pretty quick.  If you want your first pick, I'd say go look and register now!

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    Agree with all the PP - if you know you have found the spot where you would like to have your child be, sign up! It's worth the peace of mind - we signed up this week.
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  • I don't think it's too early.  We registered this baby for day care when I was 16 weeks.  We started looking when I was around 13 weeks, and there were already places with wait lists for January 2013.  The earlier the better when it comes to child care!


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  • I would go ahead and register if you like that daycare. I have my baby on 2 waiting lists and a little worried. The earliest I can get baby in is May 27, 2013. I am not due until end of November, but I will return to work early February 2013. Good luck! I hope it works out well for you.
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  • Call now! Like, yesterday!! My employer also has on-site child care and it is already over-booked in the infant room next year so I am on a long waiting list. I called when I was 12 weeks along, thinking it would be too soon. Oops. We have no idea where to look for daycare now because we totally banked on using the one at work!!

  • not too early.  find out application process, take a tour, and get on the list.  if you have long wait lists, I'd consider even putting your name on 2 lists to up your chances of getting a spot by the time you need it.

    I need to start looking into this too...


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