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Leaks after 3 weeks? MF issue?

We have been in cloth for three weeks now (DS is 6 months) and are using BG and GoGreen pockets, both use MF inserts.  We were totally leak free until yesterday and now it seems that nearly every diaper is leaking- even after a change within two hours.

I'm assuming this could be a detergent build-up?  Does it happen this soon (I've been washing every other day, 12 diapers)?  Should I strip?  We currently do a cold rinse, hot/cold wash with 1 tbsp RNG, followed by an additional cold rinse.  I peeked at the last cold rinse and there weren't any suds...?

OR is it a MF issue?  I'm trying a doubled up MF insert for tonight and we'll see how we fare....but would MF hold for a couple weeks and then all of the sudden not?

AND finally- if it is a MF issue and we make the switch to hemp- do I need to purchase hemp inserts specific to the brand I'm using or is there a "universal" type out there? 

Thank you, CD gurus, for any insight or advice! :)  

Re: Leaks after 3 weeks? MF issue?

  • nattnnattn
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    I had a simular issue with BG 4.0s. DD had been wearing them for about 3-4 months and then all of a sudden they were leaking. I did try stripping because I didn't know what else to do, but it didn't help at all. Now that I've been using CDs longer, I know it was a fit issue. DD grew taller and her legs got skinnier. I could not get the legs tight enough nd could actually see leg gap hen she moved just the right way.

    Just recently, we were at a local CD store and I asked the owner about it. She suggested adjusting the rise to the smallest setting even though DD is over 20 lbs. I felt stupid for not thinking of that myself (going backwards on sizing just seemed wrong) but we're now back to using our 4.0s.

    I don't know if this is your issue, but it's the best I can come up with. I can't imagine you needing to strip already since it sounds like your wash routine is right.

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    If the inserts are really wet, then you do not have a build up issue.  I honestly doubt that is the problem, since it has only been three weeks.  Try either adjusting the fit as PP suggested, or adding a second insert to increase absorbency.
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  • Play around with the snaps. My 19 pound 11 month old is actually back on the lowest rise with one snap left on the top and 3 snaps left on the bottom (so the snaps on each tab aren't even, kwim?) Once I discovered that we've been leak free.

    It seems so weird she's back to a size she was as a newborn practically but it works!

  • What detergent are you using?   Where are the leaks at, is it the same place everytime?   Are your inserts wet or dry when the leaks occurred.  some more info would help troubleshoot
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  • I'm thinking it must be fit, because the inserts are pretty much soaked when they come out (sometimes the top of the back end will be dry).  

    I guess we'll move back to the smallest setting...feels strange to do that to a 6 month old, but he does have some scrawny legs :)

    Thank you all for your tips!


  • if the inserts are soaked then it sounds like an absorbancy issue.  either try adding an extra MF insert or try hemp or bamboo.  a diaper can only hold so much before it's going to leak
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  • I agree with prior poster.  If the inserts are saturated, you need some extra absorbency.  What diaper are you using?  BG comes with a newborn insert and a standard insert.  Try using both of those and see if it helps with the leaks.
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