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Umbilical hernia, blecccchh.

So I thought it was just my belly button temporarily going from an "innie" to an "outie."  Apparently not -- especially since the bump is not my belly button, it's right *next* to my belly button.  My OB whom I saw yesterday for my regular appointment diagnosed it and didn't seem concerned (unless it hurt, which it doesn't, though the area right above my belly button is tender, not the hernia itself).  But now I've done some reading around online and have freaked myself out -- sounds like they don't usually go away after birth, and have to be corrected surgically -- but best not to if you might have more children (which would be a miracle if we did -- look at my signature), but still, I don't want to have to actively avoid getting pregnant again (and again, as if) because of my stupid fixed hernia.  Anyone else have one? Any STM's have one that went away naturally after a first pregnancy?  In the meantime I've slapped a band-aid on it b/c it makes me feel better (and so it doesn't show up under my shirts so much -- it seemed kind of cute when I thought it was my belly button, now it just seems gross!).
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Re: Umbilical hernia, blecccchh.

  • I have one!! It's a hard lump just above my belly button. I also thought at first it was just a pregnancy outie but then it never went away. It got really tender for awhile when I was PG with #2 and OB would tell me to try to wiggle it back in (eww!). We'll see what happens this time. OB has not seemed particularly concerned. I have also read that it may need to be repaired later, but it's supposed to be pretty minor, I think. I think OB may have been hoping it would just resolve somehow after my 2nd pregnancy, but it's still there! Yippee.
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  • My sil delivered two babies with a herniated umbilical.  She just had it repaired two weeks ago. It was a fairly minor surgery.  They put her under twilight anesthesia and she has a small 2 inch incision. She said it was somewhat painful the first couple of days but after that she was able to take just ibuprofen for the pain.  

    Apparently, it's pretty common (my daughter has one too).  But they don't always need to be repaired.   

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