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NT scan results not good :(

My doctor's office called and gave me the following results:  She said my age related risk is 1/34 (I'm 41).  She said the risk cutoff for the test I was given was 1/220 and my results were 1/100.  I'm calling MFM to schedule a more detailed u/s and the Materni21 test tomorrow, but I am super freaked out!  I would love some encouragement right now.
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Re: NT scan results not good :(

  • My first NT scan was about the same 1:110.  The second test was 1:20,000.  Try not to worry and just focus on taking great care of you and your baby.  It's all out of our hands anyway.  Best of luck!
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  • My MFM dr told me that particular test is not ideal or accurate for women our age. I'm also 41. Try to relax and focus on the happiness!
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  • Is this number based solely on your age and the NT measurement?  Did they do a first tri blood draw?  If yes, you could follow that up with a 2nd tri blood draw and it will give a better picture.  The NT scan is not a diagnostic test, it's just an assessment of risk. 1 in 100 means that you have 99 chances of having a healthy baby and 1 chance of not.  The MaterniT21 test is a diagnostic test, so that will tell you with 95% accuracy if your baby has a trisomy.  I hope you get in to the MFM quickly and get the results you are looking for.
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  • That doesn't seem so bad! Your "score" is significantly better than the base score for your age.
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  • Hi! This is just a risk so please keep that in mind. My risk based on my blood work was 1:41 and overall was 1:74. I know how you feel!! I had an amnio done and was relieved when I found out all was ok. Hang in there and you will get the answers you need through additional testing. Good luck!
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  • Try to remember that 1/100 has an opposite side.

    99/100. You are 99% likely to not have chromosomal issues. 

    If someone offered you a 99 out of 100 chance to double your money, you'd bet it all, wouldn't you? That's AMAZINGLY good odds. 

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  • I understand how you feel.  My results were 1:42 for my age but my blood test came back 1:82000. When I asked the genetic counselor for clarification she just said, well there's a 10% error rate on the blood test. UGH! We opted for the amnio which I went in thinking I would skip.  That came back normal.  My friend's blood test was 1:4. Her amnio also came back normal. I hope your next test comes out definitively good.

  • I also am 41 and after my NT scan and blood work my risk for T21 went from 1:40 to 1:100.  Even though DH and I felt we were moving in the right direction, we both really just wanted to know definitively one way or the other so we opted for the CVS.  CVS results were all fine.  :)

    I understand though about focusing on the 1% chance - it's exactly what I did.  For me, I would have spent the rest of my pregnancy wondering and this is why we chose to have the CVS.

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  • I know others have already said it, but your odds of not having it improved after your NT scan. This is a good thing, not bad. I hope you are able to get in to that blood test soon to ease your worries, but it sounds like they saw good measurements at the NT scan.
  • Im 41 too and my results came back 1-120 and I feel your worry.  I can only hope that my Materni 21 test comes back ok.  Hope that everything turns out well for you too.
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