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xp: At a loss.

I am at a loss anymore. I think my milk makes my baby miserable.

I FF my oldest and he was very happy and content during the times he was awake, I was able to put him down on his play mat or in his swing.  He did have a fussy period at night, but it was short lived. 

With my DD she is miserable 95% of the time she is awake. I feed her, burp her & change her diaper, then if I go to put her down= WAHHHH!!! I can't put her down when she's like this. She just wants to be held. I notice during these periods of fussiness she spits up what looks like milk curds. Nothing too extreme but curdy milk comes up in her mouth. I can't help but think she might do better on formula? Perhaps this is not true, but I am thinking if formula is thicker in might sit in her stomach better? I don't think she has a milk allergy, no bloody stools. I haven't eaten anything too gassy. This has been going on since she was 3 weeks old. Don't get me wrong we do have our good days occasionally, that's usually when I can spend the time holding her all afternoon, but I have a 2 1/2 year old and it's not always possible. Today was a bad day, I found myself in tears several times.

So anyhow, here are some of things I am thinking of trying, please tell me your advice.

1: try pumping and feed her the milk in a Dr. Brown's bottle (in hopes to reduce air intake)

2: try some formula

3. try mylicon or gripe water at every feeding

4. stop eating dairy even though like I said she hasn't had any bloody stool.


Re: xp: At a loss.

  • niknak7niknak7
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    Every baby is different. With DD, she was constantly fussy and miserable and spit up tons. DS is calm, likes to be left alone and barely spits up. Both have been BF. DD did have a milk protein intolerance (no visible blood in her stool ever) and reflux and did calm down quite a bit after I cut out all dairy including hidden sources. But she was still fussier than DS has ever been. Babies all have their own personalities.

    Maybe try to cut out dairy for a bit and see if that helps. Most people see a difference within a few days although the full effect takes 2+ week. And you can try gas drops or gripe water, it won't hurt anything. I would only switch to formula if you don't want to BF anymore because formula is harder for babies to digest, if anything it might make your LO more fussy.

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  • image mrscjmb9410:

    you could try keeping a food diary to see if something you eat bothers her. 

    i don't think bottlefeeding breastmilk will make much difference to spit up. some babies just spit up more and are just more unsettled. could you try putting her in a sling or baby carrier to keep her close to you? that way you could keep up with your older child and still have your hands while holding her which seems to be what she wants. 

    IMHO you just have a different baby with a different personality and needs. I don't really think anything is 'wrong' with you, your breastmilk or your baby. 

    Also, remember breastmilk digests very quickly, so your LO may be hungry more often than you think is possible. I feel like I am always saying to my son, 'but you JUST ate!' 

    Obviously, ymmv, and she's your baby, so you need to do what is best for you and your family! A happy mama is very important! 

     This. I cut out dairy (not hidden sources) and within a week DS already seemed SO much better. I didn't catch how old your LO is, but I remember DS went through a phase when he was just soooo fussy all the time, and now hes so calm and happy, so maybe (along with cutting out dairy) he just outgrew the fussiness? Honestly, I think keeping a food diary would be a total PITA, to me I just cut out things I had a feeling were what upset him.. dairy, onions, garlic, orange juice for us. HTH. GL :) 

    PS to PP^ Your sig pic is awesome!

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  • mvhydemvhyde
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    My son had casein intolerance. Even though his stool wasn't bloody he was always less fussy when I stuck strictly to my dairy free diet. Even just cutting back on my dairy servings showed change in him.

    I also did give him mylicon drops at night to help him sleep and it did seem to help. But he was always a high needs baby. He always wanted to be held and cuddled and most importantly walked. Have you tried a swing or a bouncy seat? She may enjoy the motion they provide. Also you could try swaddling her to put her down so she feels like she is being held. You could also try a sling to help give you some free hands for your 2 yr old.

    But like PPs have said, some babies just need more attention. My older brother was formula fed but he cried a lot (my mom's words) and pretty much my father, mother, grandma, grandpa took turns to walk him around the house all day. So formula may not solve your problems.

  • All babies are different. Some are just cranky. My dd was a miserable baby.my DS is a happy baby. It has nothing to do with your milk. 
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  • drpaynedrpayne
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    Don't blame your milk.  Try cutting out dairy for a couple of weeks.  I did but it didn't help.  I just had a colicky baby with reflux :(  He was miserable for a long time.  Has LO been evaluated for reflux?  Hang in there.  I had to wait for it to pass and was able to continue nursing for almost a year.  I'm so glad I didn't quit! 
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