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Pressure in my nether regions...anyone else?

Every now and then, I get a lot of downward pressure behind my pelvis, like I have a 10 pound water balloon up my lady part. After sex on Sunday, it was more pressure than it had been before and really uncomfortable for about an hour. There's no cramping or spotting or anything else. At my seven week appointment my OB said I have a sensitive cervix.  I sometimes feel the pressure I'm talking about when I get up after laying down sleeping. I'm going to talk to my doctor at our next appt. Just looking for anyone's thoughts, especially if you have or have had this.
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Re: Pressure in my nether regions...anyone else?

  • Yup, I got it Sad  Talked with my doctor about it two weeks ago and it is normal.  She told me to take a Tylenol and a warm bath.  I have been taking the warm baths and they do help, probably take one every other day.  I try not to take the Tylenol (even though it is okay) as I don't want to pop them every day.  The pain is mostly when I stand up or sit down.
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    I have terrible pressure ecept mine is super painful Sad
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