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New 40+ Mommy Question

How did you ladies find other Moms that are closer to your age?

I seem to be hitting so many dead ends.


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Re: New 40+ Mommy Question

  • Mostly among my friends. Most of the women I know with babies/pregnant are 35+.
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  • Most ppl I've met lately are of various ages, but mostly younger.  I joined a Mom's group on  You can either search for groups or start your own.
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  • I think it's a hard question, since it really depends on where you live and the dynamics of it.  I figure I'll never run into all that many 40+ new moms, so you have to make friends with the younger gals, too.

    I do attend a weekly playgroup via church and there are all ages of moms there... I'm the oldest, of course, but there are a few right behind me!  You get to know them and it really isn't all that big of a deal when it comes to age.


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  • You may have to just settle for meeting other new moms.  I do have one friend that became a mom over 40, and I also had a couple of co-workers.  Other than that, I'm hanging out with the younger crowd.  DH and I are heading to a "young adult" (up to 40) get together at our church this weekend.  I figure that even though we barely meet the age criteria, we have things in common with the other parents of young children, so we're going to sneak in anyway.  I have also met some other new moms through an early childhood program in our school district.  In the fall, I'm going to check out MOPS groups.
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    At daycare and at work.  I was actually surprised how many moms at DC are older.  Guess it is a local trend.  Wink

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  • I actually have 2 good friends who just had babies at 42 and 43 (her third).  But like pp said, I also have friends who are in their mid-30s who are still having kids...I met them at work.  I don't expect all of my friends to be the same age as I am...I think it's more about having kids the same age so that you can share experiences. 
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  • I joined my local chapter of Mothers & More and I just got lucky that there we're a lot of moms my age.
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  • I still haven't met that many new parents my age (just turned 40). There was one (we went to high school together) in my photoshop class, but she never showed up after the first class.

    The new parents at our temple are all younger, but I'm hoping we can hang out with them more. We'll be going to a couple of birthday parties in June so I'm hoping to meet more new parents there. 

    I think if I lived in a more urban place like the San Francisco bay area we'd find a lot more parents our age with young kids, but we're in the Sacramento suburbs so new parents tend to be a lot younger here. 

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  • Ironically some of the moms at my kids' new school are older but I was the oldest at our previous school.


    I don't usually even think about age when I'm meeting other Moms.  I just recognize who seems nice and who I seem to click with.

    Most other moms don't really ask or talk age and when it has finally come up most of them don't flinch that I'm older and a few even express shock that I'm as old as I am.


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