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Hey all,

I've noticed there has been some interest in a Facebook group on this board. I'm starting a new Facebook group for Cincinnati area moms of babies and toddlers and moms who are expecting. The idea is that we can provide support for each other, recommendations, social interaction with other moms, and maybe even set up some play groups at the park and other places. 

For security reasons, anyone who wants to join will need to provide their full name (which should be the same as their searchable Facebook account), their Bump screen name, and list their children and ages and/or due date.

The group will be closed, so none of your Facebook friends will see any of your posts or any of the group.

Private message me with this info. if you're interested in joining and I'll send you a link to the group. You can request to join and will be added, provided I have your info.

I look forward to getting to know you! Big Smile


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Re: Facebook Group

  • ck3121ck3121 member

    Just a question, but I thought people wanted this board to become "active" again, so why would questions that may pertain to everyone not be posted here?

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  • I think some people are leery of using this forum, since it is very public and you have no way of controlling privacy, like you can on Facebook.
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  • MrsD1MrsD1 member

    As Kiki mentioned, one of the main reasons is for privacy. One of the goals of the group is to organize play groups and get-togethers. A public internet board is not the place to discuss meeting places and other personal details about one's whereabouts and that of their children.

    In addition, the Bump layout isn't "user friendly." A Facebook group allows members of the group to post questions and get quicker responses. Depending on each individual's Facebook settings, responses can be posted and received immediately.

    Another benefit to the Facebook group is the exclusiveness. Members will get to know each other much better than they would on a public internet board. One of the goals is for moms to connect and meet other moms. A private Facebook group allows members to get to know one another on a more personal level. That being said, members still only share what they feel comfortable sharing and log in at their convenience. 

    From my own personal experience, joining a Facebook group has been a wonderful experience. I was an active member of my month Board on the Bump while pregnant. We started a Facebook group while we were pregnant and now, over a year later, there are 180 of us scattered throughout the country that have gotten to know one another very well and still interact daily. We organize Christmas gift exchanges, birthday exchanges for our LO's, and regional GTG's, to name a few. I was able to get to know many fabulous women that I otherwise wouldn't have, and have made several close friendships due to the group.

    I encourage those who are interested to join the Facebook group. It's a great way to get to know moms in the area. Private message me if you're interested!

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