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Preschool Cold Lunch Ideas

My DS is switching preschools next year. His current montessori school is willing to warm up lunches and serve whatever is sent. His new school requires that lunches sent be cold and ready to serve. I like sending vegetables and leftover dinner for him now. I am at a lost at what to send that is nutritious that can be served cold? What do you pack for your preschoolers lunch? He is 3 years old.  Thanks!

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    you can also warm up a thermos by putting hot tap water in it for a minute or two and then putting warm food in it.
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    Ham/Turkey/Salami sandwich (DD had these at three)

    Peanut butter/Jelly sandwich

    Cheese sandwich

    Cheese and crackers with/without diced ham

    veggies in ranch dip/peanut butter

    veggies (cellery sticks, carrot sticks, etc)

    fruit (grapes, kiwi, banana, raisins, orange, mellon, etc)

    trail mix

    yogurt (if you don't want to send a plastic container: freeze a Go-Gurt at night and place it in the bag, will be good by lunch.

    Grahm Crackers/animal crackers

     granola bars/Nutrigrain bars

    Bagel (with or without cream cheese)


    Apple sauce

    cold pasta salad

    Fruit snacks


    smsalat pretty much summed it up! we rotate through these items in varying combinations. I usually include 2-4 different items in DS's lunch each day in small portions. DS is not a picky eater so he would be happy to eat the same thing everyday if I would let him, but I like to mix it up for obvious nutritional reasons!

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    my kids don't mind eating food at room temp at all, so it leaves me with a lot of options.  Some foods needed to be heated initially at home to taste right (like rice), but it tastes fine when it is cooled down and they eat it at lunchtime.

    I will pack anything I have available 

    main entree ideas that my kids like at room temp:

    ravioli,pasta,  corn dogs, rice with sesame oil and soy sauce, with nori wraps, mac n cheese,bean and cheese burritos

    you could also buy a foogo

     I have a couple of these, but have found that I don't really need it since my kinds dont mind a non hot lunch.

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    KL777KL777 member

    DS's school (K3-12th grade) has a full size commercial kitchen so he eats healthy lunches from the cafeteria.  PPs have already mentioned some great ideas and here are a few more...

    -Crab (immitation crab) salad sandwich on a bagel, sliced cucumbers
    -Tuna fish and Townhouse crackers, cut up brocoli
    -Egg salad sandwich, cut up cauliflower
    -String cheese, rolled up deli meat, baby carrots
    -Tortillas wraps, turkey bacon, and tomatoes

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