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Extremely Nervous

My Husband & I didn't really want kids and have been married for about 2 years.  We are starting to talk a little more serious about it and said maybe in the next 2 years.  We aren't young, both 30, so if we want to do this now is the time to start trying before we can't (not that it's ever a guarantee).  We have put together a financial plan to clean up our debt & talked about other stuff. 

The one thing I can't get past is my complete and utter fear.  Not just of being a mom but of the whole thing, starting at the moment I know I'm pregnant thru labor and on.  A fear so bad that I get dizzy even reading stories about other moms.  I know that's not normal but I have a very bad anxiety problem and take anti-anxiety meds for different things (like going to the Dr, Dentist, or to have blood drawn).  So if I need meds to get blood taken how would I possibly survive all the tests involved in pregnancy without the aid of meds, which I'm sure I can't take with the baby.  My Dr. is aware of my anxiety but we only briefly talked about getting pregnant at my last check up since we were still on the fence.  I almost think I shouldn't bother to have kids for fear of hurting the child by having such a panic attack it stresses us both out. 

Wondering if there is anyone else out there currently dealing with this or had in the past.  Hoping for some advise on ways to have a baby without freaking out over having an IV in my arm. 

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Re: Extremely Nervous

  • I would start by having an in depth discussion with your doctor. 

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  • The woman on the postpartum depression board might have a better idea about anxiety and medications during pregnancy.

    I would set up a time to talk with your PCP about your medications and concerns for pregnancy.  My doc is really good about email and phone consultations if that's an option for you.


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  • I understand about being on the fence. I never wanted kids, either. Not at any point, until recently, which I also think partially has to do with my age (32). The entire thing has always scared me, still does.....but I think the risk is worth it, now. 

    I cant speak for such a severe anxiety disorder, that really sounds like something you should get professional counseling with along with your meds. But I do feel like I understand a little bit.  I have health anxiety, although not to the point that I take meds.  I fear certain health problems and have to work past the fears sometimes.  It's gotten to the point of affecting my daily life in the past.  It's not all the time, thank goodness,  but it can definitely get to me if I let it.   I got into a really good routine of yoga, daily exercise, and clean organic eating. Actively choosing to do what I can to stay healthy alleviates my fears to a certain point.  Living healthy is a good way to combat all types of anxiety.  Even low levels of Vitamin D can increase anxiety issues. 



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  • bf43005bf43005 member
    Thanks for all the honest helpful information.  I have an appt. with my PCP in about 2 weeks so we will see what happens. 

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