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So here's my story.. I got pregnant in January, just when I was getting used to my new medication for my depression. For a while it was very controlled and I felt awesome about myself! When I found out I was pregnant my doctor told me that the medication I was taking is not safe for the baby, so I stopped. Now I have my depression back plus all of these new wacky hormones with it. I know there are ways to work on depression without medication, and one of the ways I know is exercise and eating right. I've started eating better and would like to try exercise, but I'm kind of worried. I had a miscarriage not too long before getting pregnant this time, which was really hard on me.. so of course I'm just a big worry wart. Just wondering if anyone has advice for me starting out, like some easy light exercises to do (yoga maybe?) that is safe to do during pregnancy. Maybe there is a DVD or something you can recommend.. because I really don't know what I'm doing haha. It just makes me feel even worse about myself that I'm such a lazy blob.. trying to do whatever I can to feel better without medication. Thanks!

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  • I also got pregnant shortly after getting used to a new depression/anxiety medication dosage. Thankfully, mine is considered safe to take while pregnant. I take Zoloft. The medication definitely helps and all of my health care professionals agree that a happy momma is very important! In addition to the meds I have been seeing a therapist, since before the pregnancy who teaches mindfulness as a way to both handle and understand my anxiety and depression. I meditate and yes, I try to exercise. It can be hard when you truly feel like a blob, which I do! The midwives told me the easiest thing you can do is just walk. If you can walk for 20 or 30 straight minutes, great. She told me that if I get to the point where I can no longer talk without losing my breath, I am going too hard and need to slow down. I also have a prenatal yoga dvd. You can get a ton on Amazon for cheap. Don't feel bad if you can't do the entire thing right off the bat, especially if you've never done yoga before. Yoga is tricky!! 

    I hope this helps even a little! Good luck! 

  • Walking is great, yoga is wonderful and can be very relaxing, I'm not much help b/c I didn't exercise while pregnant, but I had a m/c before my DS and I was in the same position you were in. But I chose to eat horrible food and never exercise while I was pregnant, which I'm sure didn't help. I finally got into eating right and exercising after DS was born and I'd advise it to anyone and everyone!
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