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Anyone read/care about the NuVal system at HyVee Stores? Please rate my kids' lunch!

I use the NuVal system all the time when I buy food- and while I've caught a few here and there that are just plain wrong (ice cream bars that are 99? I don't think so...) I think the plan is a helpful one.

Anyway- I was looking at strawberry jelly and EVERY ONE of them were a 1--Nutella was better at a 3!! No matter if they were 'regular' or 'low sugar' or 'sugar free'- they were all labled a 1!

Which got me thinking! I've fed both DD's PB&J sandwiches EVERYDAY (along with LF yogurt, fresh fruit and milk) thinking that was a good lunch (and it's one that DD#1 asks for everyday, but still didn't feel bad about giving it to her...)

NOW I'm guilt-ridden-- what do you guys think about my lunch? What should I give them that would be better?  We put marmelades into regular yogurt and they were all at a 10, but in the past DD#1 didn't like her sandwich made with it. Also, their weight is fine and our doc has never said anything, but I really want to give them the best I I making a big deal out of nothing?




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Re: Anyone read/care about the NuVal system at HyVee Stores? Please rate my kids' lunch!

  • Our grocery store has this as well and some of the values on healthy foods: fruit, cheese, milk etc(!) are really is ridiculous at how they determine the numbers

     As long as they're getting the recommended number of servings each day you're fine. 

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  • First off, don't be so hard on yourself. The mere fact that you are so concerned about what you're feeding your family shows how much you love them! Now let's talk about jelly. NuVal helps you trade up in every category.  That means you can choose the healthiest bread, peanut butter, yogurt, milk and fruit for lunches.  With all those nutritious items, using a small amount  of jelly to round out the sandwich does not make the meal 'bad.' Some people tend to think of jelly as a source of fruit. It's not but that doesn't mean there aren't options. Thinly sliced apples (NuVal score 96), strawberries (NuVal score 100) or bananas (NuVal score 91) on the sandwich make a great jelly replacement.  Also, there are some reduced-sugar jellies that score higher than a 1 and some jellies with fiber added that also score better.  Smucker's makes a Reduced Sugar Strawberry Jelly with a score of 10, and Polaner Sugar Free with Fiber Strawberry preserves scores an 82. Now keep loving those babies and pat yourself on the back for trying to feed them well!

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