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sick of these symptoms

morning sickness, always tired, overly irritable, hot flashes, dizzy spells, and being anti social. does anyone else have these symptoms? and if so is there anything anyone has found that helps. I am so sick of this I am hoping the second trimester will bring some relief and if nothing else some sympathy at work when I have to sit down and take a break

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  • My morning sickness (or all day sickness as it should be called) has subsided quite a bit? I still have my moments of nausea but not nearly as bad. But all the other systems are in full effect! I am so tired of being tired. Unfortunately I haven't really found anything that makes it better. What has helped me kind of put it all in the back of my mind is going for evening walks. My husband has to practically drag me out of the house some nights, but it does help take my mind off things. 
  • You can talk to your Dr about an anti nausea medication that might help. My biggest issue is tiredness-my dr has no cure except not to push yourself too hard, and light exercise. The 2nd well, let's just put it this way... before pregnancy 'getting lucky' was a great night alone with my husband. Now it's being able to go # 2 LOL It will get better, & totally sucks now. But I just look at my u/s picture when I am really down or feeling horrible and think about that baby inside me. Sounds cheesy...but it helps. :)
  • I too have been having a lot of nausea and feel queasy most of the time. I think it's because my mouth always tastes strange and gross. Anyone have any cures for this? I really, really hope my second trimester brings a more settled stomach!
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  • I'm soooo glad other moms-to-be are expressing themselves!  I almost feel guilty complaining, especially when I think of all the women out there, including some close friends of mine, who would kill to be in my shoes.  I know babies are a blessing, but it's had to feel like that when my face is breaking out, all the smells in my house make me so sick that most of  the time I'm sequestered in my bedroom, I can't use any bath, laundry or hygiene products with ANY scent whatsoever, my food list has slowly dwindled down to oatmeal, I'm nauseous all of the time and I feel like I spend more face time with my toilet than my husband. I know there is a light at the end of this tunnel, but right now it just seems so far away.  I feel miserable and I'm beginning to annoy myself with my gloominess.  I'm seriously throwing the pity party of the century here and I'm supposed to be all new-mom glow-y.  Sigh... yet another rant under my belt.  My point is... you are sooooo not alone!
  • Morning sickness.... It was had to find a remedy to fix mine it's been pretty bad. Like bad enough that I barely slept. I finally found ''Twisted Ginger Tea'' by Lipton. It's great tasting and helps A LOT! 

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  • i fortunately didnt have morning sickness. im 10 weeks today and is yet to thro up. what i realise happens tho is that there may be times when im left with a little bad taste in my mouth. for this ive foung that ginger help. we have an abundance of organic ginger here in the Caribbean (jamaica) thank heavens. so just chewing a tiny piece will help(careful, dont burn your mouth). or adding a little to your fruit smoothie or tea is great. try ginger sweets too. those are available internationally. 

    tired----- i cant get enough sleep. and when do feel like im gonna sleep throughout the night, there comes those strange dreams or leg cramps. what ive learned is that if you dont get to sleep when you want or is still tired even when you sleep; try relaxing. no gadgets, no lights. play soothing music and just lay there. :) 

  • I TOTALLY understand & sympathize w/ you! I'll reach 11 weeks tomorrow and last week was my 1st week feeling close to normal. The only thing I really still experience is being hot (sometimes) and fatigued. After work, I go straight to bed. I'm pretty cold natured so for my A/C or fan to be on for a lengthy time is unheard of. It hasn't gotten uncomfy and it doesn't "flash" so I can handle it. But between weeks 5-9, the nausea and dizzy spells were full force. With the dizzy spells, I discovered that mine rooted from not eating enough and letting myself become hungry. I began eating something every 3 hours to prevent that. Whether it was a piece of fruit, a yogurt cup, etc. After that, the dizzy spells stopped completely. The nausea was slightly helped by eating more also. I noticed that cold drinks helped with nausea too. Ice cold water, ice cold milk, Smoothies, Slurpies, Slushies, etc. Good luck hun. It'll be over soon.
  • Hi everyone and yes I am tired of these symptoms. What has helped my morning sickness is ginger candies from an original chinese store, wow what a difference.

     I definitely began feeling dizzy today and don't like what so ever, but sat in a room, dark for about 5 minutes and it went away......

  • I am almost to 12 weeks and have been feeling quite 'icky' to be honest. I have had regular nausea, thrown up just 2 times though, had headaches, and am SO tired all the time! I don't even have motivation to do exercise other than walk the dogs. I just feel blah. I have only had a handfulf of days that I actually feel normal and energized. AND I have had super constipation too. Only go #2 every 2-3 days since week 6! It really makes me feel like doing nothing. I can eat, thank goodness, but most things do not sound good to me like they used to. I have had no sex drive either for the past few weeks, and my husband is afraid  to have sex since I had a random small bleed about a week and a half ago :(.

    I am so hoping that the 2nd trimester hurries and gets here with no major bumps. Glad I am not the only one feeling this way. 
  • Well ladies I'm pretty sure some of us will be dealing with this nausea, tired feeling for awhile in our pregnancy. I have been sick since day 1 of finding out I was pregnant. I'm in my 11th week and it has yet to subside. I have lost 15 pounds and can't look at or even smell food or I'm running to the bathroom. My Dr finally put me on Zofran for the nausea and throwing up but sometimes it just doesn't work. So I suck on peppermints or Ginger candies to take away some of the symptoms. Other then that I'm just hoping that in 1 more week it will all be over, and I don't end up in that category of 9 months of morning (all day) sickness. Good luck to all of us ladies.
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