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If you won the lottery...

Would you stay in your current home? Why/why not? (I'm talking a big jackpot, enough to quit your job) And would you quit your job? I would stay in my home because I love the layout, my neighbors are awesome and it fits my family's needs. We are close to my mom and my DH's mom which is a plus for my daughters. I would probably buy a second home in Lake Tahoe though!!! I would do my job by appointment only and give up regular office hours, now that I own a vacation home in Tahoe, LOL!!

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Re: If you won the lottery...

  • No. We would sell the house. I would keep my job, but eventually I would want to go live overseas.  I've always wanted to live in Barcelona or Buenos Aires (my two favorite cities in the world).  We would do that for a while.  Then we'd just travel. 

    We'd also buy a house up in the Breckenridge/Vail area of Colorado and go skiing there every winter. 

    Oh, and we'd have a full-time nanny, but also send DD to school.  And I'd get massages/facials every single week!  :-) 

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  • Yes.  I would stay in our current  home.  It is fabulous.

    I would do some other real estate stuff, but our family home is a keeper.

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  • steverstever member
    DH works remotely so we can live anywhere. If we won the lottery we would definitely buy another house. Not sure where, though.
  • I think I'd move to Joseph, Oregon. I like where I live, but I'd rather live more in the middle of nowhere with bigger mountains :-) It's an artsy little town and seems like a cool place for me to be a writer and Jared to be a guitarist. I'd teach writing workshops through the writers'/artists colonies there and maybe start my own writing residencies.

    I LOVE teaching college, but all of the grading is insane. So, that way, I'd still get to teach, but I'd definitely get to do my own writing.

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  • Definitely would quit my job.  We'd move to California.  I've lived in Michigan my whole life and DH is originally from Ohio.  We would probably move to the Pasadena area.  DH is a HUGE Halloween fan so he would like to live where that was filmed and I loved the area there.  No family right by us anyway so doesn't really matter.
  • We would definitely sell our house to move to a nicer area - somewhere just a tad further away from the Detroit city border.  Too bad we wouldn't be able to take the neighbors with us, though, because they are truly wonderful.  And I would totally quit my job, in a heartbeat!  I'm sure DH and I would do some traveling.  We've always dreamed of buying a nice RV and traveling around to the National Parks in it.  I also enjoy volunteering and "giving back" so to speak, and am certain I could find plenty to do in that vein.


  • jlw2505jlw2505 member
    I would move in a heart beat - I just need to win enough to be able to afford to sell my house and have a down payment on a new one to make me move.  Don't love my house and its not in the school district where my kids are going to school - plan when we bought it was to move by now but then we all know what happened to the housing market so I am stuck.  Work - that would depend on how much money I won - I can't imagine not working but I would do something that I love to do and not just working for a paycheck and I would only work part time.
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  • PeskyPesky member
    Honestly, it would depend if I could stay in our home safely.  I live in a state where it is disclosed who wins so not sure I would be as safe and might look to a gated community where there is a bit more of a deterrent.  If it would still be safe in our neighborhood, I might for a while as the kids grow up.  I like that they would get to be more grounded.  I would quit my job to start a non-profit but I would likely do a long transition to help my boss out so that my replacement is fully trained.

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  • anchibaanchiba member

    We're in the process of buying our first house! So I'd stay there, but I would do a lot of needed upgrades and dream renovations. We can't do much now because we only have DH's salary (I'm staying at home with our son till he gets ready for preschool).

    But it's an old house and very small (just over 1000 sq. ft.). I would get half the patio glassed-in for a little sunroom, get new windows, totally redo the bathroom and kitchen (granite countertops ... siiigh!), get some awesome landscaping done. Totally redo the shed out back and make it into a little crafts/office/playroom. Lots of stuff.

    The house is in the perfect location, right next to a park and just around the corner from my mother's place. I just love that. But I want to do so many renovations. Need to stop watching HGTV!Big Smile

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  • Love my house and the location, but there are always better places!   I'd buy an acreage out in the forest/mountains!  I'd also buy a lakefront house in NW Iowa, where we go every fall for vacation.

    And lots and lots of travel!  I would love to visit all 50 states (only about 11 to go!) and the National Parks and US Capitols.

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  • I would move to another state to be closer to family.  Either California or Michigan.  If we moved to Michigan, our money would go further (bigger, nicer home for less money).

    We'd get a 2nd vehicle, a cross-over.   I want to go back to school.  I think DH would still work. 

    I'd love to help out family, too.  Wouldn't it be awesome to give someone a non-taxable gift of $10,000 or maybe pay off my parents mortgage?!

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  • We recently moved out of our first house and into our dream home, so no way I would move if we won the lottery. I love our house, our neighborhood and our town. I'd redo our pool and pool area, and buy a vacation home somewhere tropical, but I'd definitely stay here.
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  • I have actually had this conversation with DH, although we would be far more likely to win if we actually bought tickets once and a while...  I think we would stay in our current house, just do some upgrades to the interior and major landscaping in the back yard.  I keep wishing I could run into the Yard Crashers guy from HGTV, lol!  I would hire a maid, though.  Then I've told DH that our 2nd home would be in the south of France.  He looked at real estate there a few nights ago and told me we would need to win a big lottery to be able to afford that.  Sigh...
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  • klmbbbklmbbb member
    We'd definitely move.  We're already considering moving to a bigger place anyway.  We'd both quit work and I might go back to school.  H wants to live in a tropical locale, not sure I'd want to be there year-round though.
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  • I'd stay in our house b/c DH has put so much work into it but I'd quit my job in a second.  I used to think I'd keep working and probably if we had remained childless I would have worked but now I'd love to stay home with DS and DH.
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  • I'd fix this house up, sell/give it away to a really worthy family, buy a primary house between my parents' and my inlaws' house, then buy a second house in New Hampshire's White Mountains with a bit plot of land to garden on and near hiking trails.

     Quit my job and do volunteer work.

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  • no, 

    this is our starter house.  I want a nicer one that doesn't look like old mother hubbards cupboard.  

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