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Do you own a flag?

I started this discussion among my FB friends and thought I'd post it here, too.

On this very patriotic of days (here in the USA, anyway!), do you own a flag?  Why or why not?  You Canadian gals can chime in too, of course.

In my neighborhood of about 100 homes, I can count on one hand how many are flying the American Flag today, and that includes our house.  Is it just something people don't think to do anymore?   And what also confuses me about this... the majority of my neighbors are military or retired military.   Seems strange.

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Re: Do you own a flag?

  • My grandma would kick my butt if I didn't own a flag!  

    We are proudly flying our's today and all patriotic holidays.  Some times I just put it out because I love how it looks! I was thinking how sad that it takes something like 9/11 to get the general population patriotic (at least around me there were flag stands and stickers and USA gear for sale on practically every corner) now not so much.  

    It is strange that retired military and active military aren't flying the flag.

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  • We own a flag and it was flying today.

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  • PeskyPesky member
    We own a flag and are flying it today.

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  • mwdmwd member
    I really think this is an oversight on my part, but we don't and FIL was a vet. Shame on me!  I will make a point to have it for the Fourth of July.  
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  • Embarrassed Lots of flags, including the maple leaf, but is it bad that most of the time it's my favorite hockey team flag that's flying? FWIW, it'll be the maple leaf back up during the Olympics, then again for 9/11 and Rememberance Day.
  • steverstever member
    I have a Canadian flag given to me by my Canadian grandpa and an Irish flag that I have for a reason too long to get into. No American flag. Most people in my town don't normally fly flags but there were lots out yesterday.
  • We always have at least two flying:  the American flag and depending on the day or time of year it will be a POW-MIA, Army, or Alabama.  There may also be a police officer memorial flag flying at certain times.  DH is national guard and has been been for 20+ years in addition to at least three years active duty and he is also a cop.  And though we are in Ohio, he is a huge Alabama fan (Roll Tide).
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  • We fly our flag proudly everyday of the year.
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  • What a great topic! I don't own a flag (we'll skip past the fire excuse because I didn't have one before, either) because I rent/move a lot in the city and there isn't a place for one. If I owned a home I'd have one up for sure! I try to wear patriotic socks or a ribbon or something, though. I love our country and am so thankful for those who serve/have served. We grew up having them outside our home and my parents always made sure we had those little ones to add to our room/dollhouse/play/etc.
  • We don't have a place to put one out in our Apt.  but growing up my parents always had the US and CDN flag out (lived in vermont, I now live in alberta).  My parents neighbourhood has flags from many different countries, very cool

    A little FYI Flag Etiquette, make sure you always fly the flag of the country you are in when flying other flags (ex don't fly the state or other country flag with out the US flag when in the states)


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