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eating too many convenience bars?

I have been traveling a lot for work and I am finally settling back at home - while I was on the road (about 1 month back and forth) I needed a convenience food that i could store in my purse, pull out in meetings, on planes, walking down the street  - so i started eating south beach snack bars.  i needed something with protein bc I needed something to keep me from getting starving before i stopped.  at first i bought string cheese, etc - but it was so difficult keeping those good bc i didn't have refrigeration in my hotels etc.  


soooo - i started eating 1-THREE of those bars a day - bc they were often my after breakfast, after lunch and after dinner snacks (140 calls, 9 grams of protein, etc).  I just got home and was throwing away some empty boxes and I started to think about whether or not that was waaay too much for my baby!  With all of the vitamins, etc in those things - i still take a prenatal and i am scared that i had away too much of that stuff in my system.  

now that i am home i am able to eat proper snacks - but did a  month of those bars cause problems? I cant shake my concern and will be seeing my dr in two days - when i will bring this up of course... but in the meantime -any thoughts???

i am almost 29 weeks pregnant.. just for what its worth.

 thanks everyone :)

Re: eating too many convenience bars?

  • JKohioJKohio member
    I don't think you caused yourself any problems. Basically, with any vitamin source, your body uses what it need and eliminates the rest. Extra vitamins, whether from supplements/bars/etc, don't just hang around in the body.
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