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Wanted to apologize.....***TTC Mentioned Briefly***

Hey, I wanted to apologize for being absent from supporting you all.  I have hit a bump in the road with our EDD a month away and mixed fillings about our up coming vacation. Along with the fact my clothes just dont fit the way they should. With the vacation I am afraid I will not be able to enjoy it bc we werent suppose to go on it bc I was due two weeks after it. I also know that the day after we get back we can start trying again.

With all this I feel guilty I haven't been there lately for all of you. I hope you all know that I have been thinking about you all and hoping you all are doing well. I will try to be more supportive in the future!! Slowly but surely I promis I will get there!!

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Re: Wanted to apologize.....***TTC Mentioned Briefly***

  • Sending you *hugs*  Take care of yourself first!  We're always here.  And I can promised you, we all go through "cycles" where we need to step away, or sometimes it just happens on it's own and that's okay.  Hang in there sweetie!  I hope you enjoy your vacation more than you expect.
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  • I hope you are able to have a good vacation.  I had the same feeling about our recent trip, but I was actually able to have a good time.  And honestly, I think I may have a better attitude since we came back, not to say everything is all rosey now, but I'm definitely not as gloomy.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  But I hope the change in scenery is a welcome change for you.

    I know I haven't been supportive much either,  but we must take care of ourselves first.  Sometimes it's hard to do the supporting when your own foundation is crumbling.  I think all of us here can relate.  (hugs)

    BFP#1: EDD 10/11/11 Our sweet boy Robin was born 7 weeks a little early on 8/23/11 due to HELLP syndrome, unfortunately he was diagnosed with Trisomy13 and left us on 8/29/11. BFP#2: EDD 10/13/13
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