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Hello, I have been lurking here for a long time, and figured I should introduce myself. I have a 2.5 yr old foster daughter, she has been living with us for 8 months. The whole experience has been such a rollercoaster of emotions, we are hoping to adopt her and are currently in the middle of court dates and unsure if she will return to bio mom.  All of you ladies have really been an inspiration to me, especially over the past several months! 

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    Welcome from a fellow CT person.  GL.

    Failed Matches - December 2012, May 2013, December 2013
    Moved on to  gestational surrogacy with a family friend who is our angel and due 7/23/15

  • welcome!

    TTC September 2010 thru October 2011
    SA February 2011: Normal
    RE App. October 2011 - Recc. Clomid and IUI

    Taking a break from TTC to pursue adoption

    Met our 2 year old son in Russia July 2012!
    Court trip October 2012
    Home November 24 2012!

    Back to RE Summer 2013. TTC journey continues: 

    Dx DOR, endometriosis, low sperm count 
    Clomid + IUI#1, #2 = BFN / IUI #3 = ???

    Laparoscopy scheduled December 2013

    Adding a Burden
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  • Welcome! DH and I are in the process of becoming foster parents and hope to adopt. Good luck with adopting your little one!

    Cristina & Austen ~ July 20, 2009

    Me: 25 DH: 24
    TTC since Aug. 2010
    Aug. 2010 ... 17cm tumor removed from right ovary as well as right ovary, Fallopian tube, appendix, and 25% of left ovary
    Sept. 2010 ... E. Coli infection from surgery
    Nov. 2010 ... Start TTC again
    Feb. 2011 ... Find out remaining tube is blocked, IVF is our only option
    Mar. 2011 ... IVF #1 with partial ICSI started, ER 5/24... 18 eggs, 3dt of 3 embryos and froze 6 on 5/27, BFN
    July 2011 ... IVF #2 ER 9/1...17 eggs, 2dt of 1 embryo and 5dt of 2 embryos, embryos on day 5 not to the blastocyst stage so possible egg quality issue, BFN
    Jan. 2012... Bought our first home, IVF put on hold
    Mar. 2012 ... Soft IVF to begin and looking into Foster to Adopt
    ***SAIF/PAIF welcome***

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  • welcome :)  I'm also a CT foster parent who has adopted - feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions or need support.  it certainly is a rollercoaster!
  • Welcome!  I am waiting to begin the roller coaster ride of being a foster parent, so I'm definitely excited to hear the experiences of others who are already on the ride! 
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