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Best fitness DVD to start with 5 weeks after giving birth to rebuild the stomach muscles?

Hi guys,


My BFF gave birth about 5 weeks ago. She really wants to start working out and is thinking about doing p90x. I have read that she is better off starting with more gentle core work outs, to rebuild the stomach muscles, before jumping into a more vigorous exercise.


Can you guys recommend the best witness/work out DVD for this purpose?  I would like to buy it for her. Hopefully something on Amazon.



Re: Best fitness DVD to start with 5 weeks after giving birth to rebuild the stomach muscles?

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    I definitely advocate that she start with something more gentle. With my first DS I started working out at 6 months post and did the 30 day shred with great results, so this time around I decided to try it right when I got cleared for exercise at 8 weeks post (i had a c-section both times). Because I started with such intensity so early I totally screwed up my lower back very badly because of my lack of ab muscles. I've been battling a low back injury ever since and it's taken a lot longer to lose the weight this time because I have to take the workouts very easy and every time I get better I ramp up and re-injure. Please assure her that it is worth it to start slowly and wait until your body is ready, or you could be fighting injury for a long long time and that is an even bigger set back than starting slow. I don't have a great rec for you, just a cautionary tale!
  • I recommend Lindsay Brin's workout DVDs (on Amazon). She's a mom and her target audience is moms (particularly ones who just had babies). Perfect for her. Tough but good, short but effective. I have her Boot Camp 2 and CFS and love them both.
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  • Tracy Anderson has a great post pregnancy workout that really focuses on the abs. It is hard but it's awesome for the whole body. She says you won't bulk up like most workouts but get a nice lean feminine shape. It is on YouTube. love it!
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  • Hi!

    Congrats to your BFF! I gave birth in November (after gaining 75lbs!) and have had great success losing the weight with the PInk Method weight loss system. Check out their website! I learned about it while watching Dr. Phil on maternity leave and ordered it because it seemed like a reasonable approach to dropping the weight. Its fairly cost effective compared to some other options out there and it works! It consists of 3 phases of exercise with a diet plan for each. I started in Jan and only have 8 more pounds to go. Its designed for women which is a huge plus, especially after giving birth.

     The only caution I have is that she shouldn't start on any program while breast feeding, unless her doctor tells her otherwise.

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