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Work vent (baby related)

I work in the entertainment industry, I do audio for tv shows & movies. I swear, since I came back to work after Nathaniel's death, there have been SO many shows and movies with pregnancy story lines, baby story lines, etc. I'm sure part of it is that I am more sensitive to it but lately it has been like every. single. night. I have no choice but to watch these shows because whatever I get scheduled for just lands in my lap. It's not like they have any idea what the content of the episode is going to be when they give it to me. Some of the shows I've had to watch since coming back: a show about a teenager who has an unwanted pregnancy and gives the baby up for adoption, a movie set in the old west where a mother gives birth to her baby in a farmhouse and then ditches it, numerous happy labor/delivery scenes in hospitals (those are the worst), and tonight's joy is a story about a woman who is using her baby to blackmail numerous men into giving her money because they think it's their baby. Oh, and guess what the baby's name is? Nathan.

This is one of those moments where I'm like, "Seriously, universe??" Sometimes I really think all this stuff is being placed in my path deliberately.
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Re: Work vent (baby related)

  • Ugh that is tough. It would be nice if work was a bit of an escape, especially if you used to enjoy what you're doing. You just have to remind yourself that it has nothing to do with your precious boy. I understand though. In my job, our clients make me so angry because honestly, they so don't deserve their babies and they don't take care of themselves (substance abuse, etc.) and it breaks my heart. I work with them for the sake of their children.

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  • The universe sucks a** sometimes.  It's like the universe didn't get the memo or doesn't give a sh*t.  

    I'm sorry, Lovey!  Sending lots of *hugs* 

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