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SN FAQ Friday!!!! Please start here....

We started FAQ's last week. If you missed them, please see Page 2 and post if you have something to contribute.

The point of the FAQ threads is to get answers to frequently asked questions all in one place. Once we have enough FAQ's, we can coordinate with The Bump to place a link to them in the SN board's title bar. If you want to see how this is done elsewhere, look at the Adoption board as an example.

When you answer an FAQ, you can do you own 'thang' or use the bolded sub-questions in the FAQ post as a way to organize your answers. You can copy/paste the bolded questions or use the quote button. Please answer the questions in regular non-bolded font (just click the B off in the message formatting bar). If you use the quote function, remove the HTML formatting. Using regular, non-bolded font for your answers will make it easier for people read. You can go back and edit your post to make it look pretty and readable. (Sorry, I am feeling anal today)

You can also use your FAQ information to copy/paste into other posts that are relevant.

If you have any questions about the FAQ's or have further suggestions, please ask in this post so we can keep the FAQ thread as clean as possible.

Here is a link to an o.k. search page if you want to look up old answers you gave in the past....

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Re: SN FAQ Friday!!!! Please start here....

  • Also, there are some Dx's that I do not have personal experience with and I am just asking questions I think I would want to know.

    If there is a Dx your child has and the FAQ I came up with sucks, let me know so I can either fix it or we can do a do-over. Another option is that you can add the important information I missed to your answer. If totally screwed up though, I want to know. The FAQ's are supposed to be for everybody. I don't wanna piss anyone off Surprise

    WAY 2 Cool 4 School

  • I expect a lot of answers people!

    It's a long weekend.....Cool

    WAY 2 Cool 4 School

  • image CnAmom:
    My reply in the EI FAQ thread is a hot mess. I'll try to get on with H's comp and clean it up tomorrow.


    WAY 2 Cool 4 School

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