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What do you guys think about it? Im super tempted to buy it. 

Re: Mamaroo?

  • I think it looks cool, but I've heard terrible things from 3 of my friends. We have the little lamb swing and DD loves it. I saw my friends kid in his and it seemed extremely slow. They've supposedly fixed things that people didn't like though. Isn't it like $200 though? Seems like a lot to me for a swing!
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    It takes the place of both the swing and bouncy seat. The one I looked at had 3 speeds and went fast enough. Just thinking about it. 
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  • When I first saw this I was sold........but then I realized how fast they will grow out of it.  I can't remember what the weight limit was but it wasn't much. I registered for a swing and rock and play instead :)

  • I think PP hit the nail on the head -- think of how long baby will be in it.  Could be as little as 3-4 months.  We were definitely out of swings by 5 months, and the bouncy seat shortly thereafter.   Of course this was't around when I was pg with DS, but I would think of using the $200 differently.  (Rock n' Play + Swing....that way you get some portability and can use the Rock n' Play when traveling to inlaws and parents' houses)
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