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Anyone plan to not find out the gender.

Everyone i know that was/is pregnant finds out what they are having the second they can. This is my first, and I dont want to know. People think I'm crazy but I just remind them that once upon a time you couldnt find out, and that its a luxury now. I'm just gonna kick it old school and not find out haha. I just want a H&H baby, Anyone with me?!

Re: Anyone plan to not find out the gender.

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    I wish I wasn't so curious sometimes!!!! I HAVE to know. But to each his own an I think it's fab you want it to be a surprise :0)

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    This is our second and we decided to wait to find out this time. I am pretty excited. My family is really excited that we are waiting, but my friends do think I am crazy. I keep thinking once we get that ultrasound I will just blurt out tell me! But hoping I don't.
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    drpaynedrpayne member
    We were Team Green for LO and will also be for Number 2.  I asked my husband the other day if he wanted to find out with this one (mainly so we'd know if we should keep all of the boy stuff handy or put it in the attic) and he said "Nope.  That was the best surprise ever."  I will never forget the moment the doc said "You have a son!"
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    We found out with DS, this time we're waiting until the delivery room. ;)

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    With my first pregnancy, we were so excited to find out what we were having. With this one, I think we're planning to wait. My husband is not (yet) convinced that he can stand the wait, but I think the added anticipation will make the delivery experience that much more exciting. I'm with you!
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    I think my DH would prefer to know, but I have always wanted to be surprised.  Luckily he isn't giving me a hard time about it, I know that if just he found out, he would slip up...he's not the best secret keeper!  I think it's great that people are able to find out and plan accordingly (some of my family and friends would go crazy if they couldn't organize), but I am firmly Team Green Big Smile

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    We're not finding out the sex. I think it's the ultimate surprise!!! I can't wait for that moment. I don't understand when people say they HAVE to find out. The only reason I can think of is if they are wanting ALL pink or blue stuff. And the funny thing is that I'm a control freak and love to plan ahead, but I feel like I can still do that without knowing the sex. You can still get everything organized and done! We got a red stroller, we're doing the room in cream and soft green, etc. We're planning it all out, just want to keep the biggest part a surprise. 

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    MrsLeanMrsLean member
    I'm team Green all the way!! I'm sure I'll be really curious, but I'm really looking forward to the moment where the doctor says "It's a boy!/girl!". Big Smile
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    Pink253Pink253 member
    Team Green here too!  We have two boys already and found out with both of them. With this being our 3rd I don't feel quite the need to have absolutely everything before the baby is even born. Honestly.....you only need a few things when the baby first arrives. Once I see the baby then Ill know how i want to decorate his/her nursery. Im super excited and hope that we stay strong in our decision.  GO TEAM GREEN! :D
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    *LrCg**LrCg* member
    This is our 3rd baby and we've never found out.  To me, its so special to announce it to DH (our doctor does not announce it at the birth).  I also think if you plan on having more than 1 child, its so much easier not to know.  Life has so few surprises now and I just love that we get to have this one!
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    We have not found out with any of my pregnancies, and we loved the suprise the day our babies were born. We are not finding out the genders for this pregnancy either.
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    I don't know yet. On one side I don't want to treat the baby with any gender bias, but my sister has a truck load of pink and girly baby stuff and she's going to want to know if she can give it to me.
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    We were team green with DS, and we will be again.

    I was pregnant the same time as four friends and my sister.  They all found out.  At our shower, we got all useful things, and all in gender neutral colors, so we were set no matter how many children we went on to have.  My friends and sister who were having girls got almost nothing at their showers except frilly little dresses, and the friend who knew she was having a boy got a lot of toys.  For me, the surprise after all the hard work in the delivery room plus an awesome shower totally made going green worth it!

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    We are not finding out!!  We found out with LO #1 and I bought everything neutral anyway, that's just my style.  This time we aren't finding out because we are looking forward to the surprise!
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    I love being surprised and it is usually difficult to surprise me, so this will be the ultimate surprise (as a previous post stated).  Now DH can't seem to be as patient so I am sure that he wants to know but has decided to go along with waiting until delivery at this point.  I don't believe that it would be a secret if doc told him anyway because he would be destined to tell someone and then I would eventually find out.

    I can't wait and am bless with which ever gender I receive, just want a healthy baby  :)

     Have a great weekend Mommas

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