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waiting for MaterniT21 results

I had my blood drawn last Wednesday.  The genetic counselor told me I'd have my results either today or after the weekend (Tuesday).  Keeping my fingers crossed for today -- it's making me a little anxious.
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Re: waiting for MaterniT21 results

  • I hope you hear good news today! I think mine took 7 business days.

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    FET #2 1 d6 embryo didn't survive thaw, transferred last d6. CP :(

  • Good luck! I had to wait 15 looooong days to get my results from my amnio! I hope they come before the long weekend!
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  • GL to you, hope you get your answers back today.  Mine took 8 biz days/13 calendar days (2 weekends).
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  • jhb619jhb619 member
    Looks like it will be Tuesday.  Oh well.  I'll still enjoy the long weekend!
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  • I got my drawn on Thursday, so I am waiting as well. Hopefully they will come on Thursday since she said about 7 business days.
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