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Booster seat for 6 year old

My DS #1 is still in a booster (obviously).  He's about 75% for height/weight.  I need a new booster for my husbands car (toyota Tundra).  The one we have now is a super cheap Graco and I don't feel like it's safe AT ALL.  Safety is a huge thing for me.  We have a Radian in my car, but those are like $200 so I am trying for something a little less expensive, but still safe.

I've had a few people recommend the Recaro, but I wasn't sure how an "older" kid would fit in those seats.  What do you think?  If I can keep DS#1 in it for a few years (until he's done with boosters) then DS#2 will use it.

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Re: Booster seat for 6 year old

  • Ditto those or a Monterey.

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  • We have two Recaro's for our five year olds and love them.  They are very well made and get good ratings.  I recommend them.

    My twins are 5! My baby is 3!

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  • Annalise is in a Recaro Vivo in one car and a Recaro ProBooster in another. She's about 48" and 48 lbs. She still fits well in both of them with room to grow. Another recommendation I hear a lot is the Sunshine Kids Montery.
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