Late Term and Child Loss

Daily Inspiration - Or just "understanding"

I recently signed up for a Daily Meditation from Inspired Grief - it's an email from that comes into my inbox daily.  I signed up for this daily email because I remember reading about how awful it is to received those emails from Gerber and other baby sites after you've lost your child, but what about true inspiration and understanding?  Some days it's a tid bit, something to think about, other days it's a poem or a quote or an article.  This is what is said this morning...and it made me think of all of us baby/child-loss moms.  Sometimes seeing something so true, so relevant, and so "understanding" of what's going on deep inside us makes all the difference.

"At first, we are different because of our raw sadness. But over time, the sadness moves from our skin into our bones. It becomes less visible, but no less who we are. It changes into a wisdom, one we'd give up in a heartbeat to have our child back. We who have lost children understand life's fragility and beauty. We who have lost children understand that so many things just aren't important. All that is important is those we love. All that is important is each other. Nothing else."
*hugs* to you all!
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