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36 First Time Mother

Hello everyone.  Found out a week ago that we are pregnant.  This is my first one.  My husband and I are so excited.  I actually took a home pregancy test on 5/17, 5/19 and 5/21 just to make sure (I'm a little OCD Smile).  I did have a Dr. appt on the 21st (had a cancellations so they were able to get me in the same day I called)!  I had a blood test and got the results yesterday.  My HCG level was at 238, said it was still a little early to tell how far along I am, but based on my math I am 3-4 weeks (does that sound right with the HCG levels?).

I keep reading that mild cramping is normal during the first trimester, but it still scares me to death.  I sneeze and it is like a shooting pain in my side... and wouldn't you know it my allergies started acting up last night.

I have my next appt on June 11th.  I hope to have more good news then! 



Re: 36 First Time Mother

  • I am also pregnant for the first time at 36 and had mild cramping for my first month or so - I'm now 12 weeks and so far everything has been ok.  Best of luck to you.
  • another FTM at 36 right here!!  I hope everything goes well for you!  I was extremely lucky that I never had any cramping/spotting at all, it would scare the bejeezus outta me!
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  • Congrats! Yes, I felt like my period was coming when I found out!
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  • I'm 36 and this is my first pregnancy, I have a 2yo daughter who is adopted. I don't have any advice to offer on the cramps, just wanted to say welcome!
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  • mlangsmlangs member
    No advice here either but yet another FTM at age 36... so welcome... there are quite a few of us Smile
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  • Congrats! I will be 36 when our little one will be born. Your cramping is very normal. Your beta sounds perfect.
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  • steverstever member
    Welcome and congrats!
  • Congrats and welcome! I'm a FTM @ 37. FX for lots of good news on June 11!
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  • Congrats and welcome!! I am also 36 and pregnant with my first.

    Your Beta number sounds great but can't really tell you how far along you are. I had menstral like cramping during the first 6-8 weeks or so of pregnancy so I wouldn't worry about that unless it becomes unbearable or you start sporting.

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  • me too! FTM at 36, but will be 37 when LO arrives. Enjoy your pregnancy! 

  • I will be 36 next month and FTM.  Wow there are a lot of us congrats!
    TTC since Dec. 2010. Me: 37, DH: 38...unexplained RPL
    BFP #1 - missed m/c 4.18.11 found @8w3d, d&c @13w 
    BFP #2 blighted ovum found 8.2011 @8w, misoprostol
    BFP#3 - missed m/c 6.11.12 @ 9w3d, d&c revealed extra chromosome 15
    BFP#4 8.10.12, DD born 4/26/13
  • drbethcdrbethc member
    welcome and congrats!
  • The mild cramping is normal called round ligament pain.  You will have to get use to it unfortunately.  It can happen when you sneeze or get up quickly from a seating position.  You may  be experiencing it more on the right side which is also normal.
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  • I'm about 5.5 weeks along and have had mild cramping since week 2.  It made me really nervous at first but felt better once I heard so many others saying they had cramping too.  Now, on days I don't have cramping I start to worry! 

    Your numbers sound just right.  My understanding is that it's more important that your hcg rises during your pregnancy as opposed to worrying about exact numbers.  You'll be shocked at how high your hcg will be at your next appointment.

    Good luck!

  • I was a FTM at 36 and it was such a great experience being pregnant. I thought the time would tick by, but it really didn't and I enjoyed it more than I thought! 

    Good luck!  

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