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Intro - 32 week

Hi, my name is Cat. This past Friday, May 18th I gave birth surprisingly at 32 weeks to a 4 lb 8 oz baby boy named Hadley. I was already at 6 1/2 when we got to the hospital so here wasn't any turning back. 

 Hadley is doing well so far. He is breathing room air and so far so good. I do still cry every time I leave after a visit. I feel so strange about having to leave him.

Anyway, we are almost at a full week now so luckily, this first week wnt y pretty quickly. Probably because I've bernso busy with pumping milk, cleaning house and taking care of my 3 year old while also asking trips to the hospital. It's difficult getting to hospital since I have to also take care of my 3 yr old.




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  • Congratulations!!  Sounds like your little man is doing great!  My litte girl came at 32 weeks as well, and was just a shade over 3lbs  at birth. Hope you have an uneventful NICU stay. Try to get some rest before he comes home. I'd never wish the NICU experience on anyone, but at least it did allow for me to rest and recover a little more than if she had come on time.
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    Congrats!  I also delivered my twins at 32w.  DS was 4 lbs 9 oz and DD was 4 lbs.  They were in the NICU for 22 days.  That was over 6 yrs ago...time flies by.  :)  I hope his NICU stay is brief.
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  • Hey Cat, I'm Stephanie, and I delivered on the 18th as well at 32 weeks 3 days. I had placenta previa, so I was somewhat expecting to deliver early, but really didnt think it would happen when it did, Vincent was born weigh 4lbs 9oz and was put on a feeding tube, cpak, a pic and the climate controlled bed ( I am still learning the medical terms for theses things!)  He progressed fairly quickly and is now breathing on his own and off of all IV's.  We have had some stressful moments such as when the pic was put in (and then taken out 3 days later), when they took him off of the hi flow to let him breathe on his own, and now they have bumped his feedings up from 30 ml yesterday to 40 today.  He is doing pretty well except that he struggles with reflux and then spits up.  Everytime time it happens I panic a little, because I have my eyes glued on the monitor and watch his heart rate drop.  The nurses continue to tell us that this is normal, and even some full term babies do this, but it still scares me.  He is taking a feeding right now, and doing very well. 

     My husband and I have been staying at the hospital, and although I don't want to leave, I feel like we are not getting any sleep.  I feel like I shouldn't leave especially now, until he is doing better with the full feeding, but neither of us has slept very well for over 2 weeks.  ( I was in the hospital for a week before I delivered). 

    How is Bradley doing?  if you have any experiences with the reflux I'd be glad to hear them because it just scares me to watch and I feel helpless to do anything about it.

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