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Postpartum Depression

Going on Zoloft and seeing therapist

I have very bad ppd now....it hit me like a trainwreck. I have stomach aches and headaches all day and am just not myself...it is very frustrating bc I know this is not me.  I have been taking welbutrin for a week and a half and honestly I feel worse. My doctor recommended Zoloft. And I'm seeing a therapist starting saturday. What else can I do to help myself? I love my kids very much ( I have 2 month twins and a 3 year old) and I don't want this to affect them...

Re: Going on Zoloft and seeing therapist

  • You are doing so much!  Hang in there!  Try to be patient with them and yourself.  My mom had PPD, and while it affects everyone differently my mother's PPD was way harder on her than it was on us!  Keep that in mind.  I have a mothers helper (a little girl from across the street) come over for two hours after school so I can have a break.  I feel like it makes me a better mom.

    Hang in there!  The therapist can really help.  You are diong so much already! 

  • Thanks.... I have a nanny actually 3 times a week for 8 hours straight and it's still so hard with these babies and my son. I feel like my ppd is beyond that though.... As eating as now become an issue. Its been one thing after another for the past yesr and a half though. Ugh this is awful.
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  • I know.  It is so hard.  I struggle and I just have one baby!  What does your husband say?
  • The feels really bad for me. He is overwhelmed too but he knows that this has been really bad for me and I can't help it. I just worry bc I know it will take awhile to go away and I hope he can be patient with me.did you try a support group?
  • I did and it was ...meh.  Then I joined a exercise class and started chatting up the moms.  That really helped me.
  • Have you switched to Zoloft?  I was on Cymbalta and Abilify;they really help.
  • I did...been on it for a week now. It doesn't make sense but I think it has already helped me. Im feeling better. I feel like myself again....and that I can be alone in my house without freaking out. I've also made it a point to really try and exercise again ( although it's hard right now with our situation) but I feel better after I exercise.  And I definitely see my friends....they have been so supportive. I'm trying to slow down mentally and just take it day by day. ...the jury is still out on the therapist
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