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Taking the plunge to breast feeding! Help!

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Ok ladies I am in the process of hopefully making the switch to ebf although I must addimit I am terrified!!!!! Pumping has become the norm for me that breast feeding seems so strange and odd and well scary! I was limited to only twice a day in the NICU, we have been home for 3 weeks now and to be honest I was so scared DD was going to lose weight, because I had no way of telling what she took from me that I have only put her to breast a handful of times. At our last appointment our pedi said I could bf 5 times with 3 bottles per day, she is 2 weeks adjusted and IUGR so we are every 3 hours.  I have a call into our LC to make an appointment. I am just so nervous, which I know is normal, because I will not know exactly what she is getting. We will probably still have to get at least one or two bottles because she gets neosure and they want to keep her on that for a while longer just because she was severely IUGR. A few questions I have now for any of you that also made the switch, I know two moms have and have read your posts and blog. Do you still pump after? I am still producing more then she eats, she eats 2 to 2.5 ounces every 3 hours, will my supply go down? Also is it like bottle feeding, she will go full force for a good 15 mins then slow down, do I wake her to continue or let her hang out and if she's done she is done? I know my let down may be faster then the bottle so is she getting more faster?  Also if you were on neosure how long where you on it and when did you decide to stop using, or did your pedi make that call? I don't mind at all using it but I am just curious. These are all questions I have for LC as well, but with the holiday weekend I probably will not get into see her until next week, so ANY mommy advice would be MUCH appreciated!!!!Thanks!!!

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Re: Taking the plunge to breast feeding! Help!

  • 1. If you haven't, read Urbanflowerpot's blog on this.

    2. Get a good LC (sounds like you've started this).

    3. Gear up mentally/emotionally for a long, but very worthwhile process.

    Our story;

    DD was born at 35 weeks and was 3lbs 8oz due to IUGR. We were familiar with the preemie/NICU experience from DD1 (34w2d), and we opted early on to pump/bottle feed in the NICU to get home faster. DD made some good attempts at BFing and throughout the NICU time and early days at home, we'd offer that at least once per say so she wouldn't forget how.

    As we worked with our LC, we ended up using a nipple shield to help DD since she had an inconsistent latch. Sometimes it helped, other times it annoyed both of us. Our other main issue was fatigue. She would fall asleep during a feeding, then wake up still hungry. It was a stressful/exhausting time of BF attempts, bottles, and pumping. There was no magic cure - just waiting for her to get stronger and more mature. We were pretty cautious with not wanting to stress her and hinder her weight gain.

    Last Friday (7.5 weeks actual, 2.5 weeks adjusted) we took off the training wheels and started BFing on demand. She did great, gaining 7oz in 5 days! DD typically gets 2 bottles per day. DH takes any feedings between 4am and 6:30am so I can sleep, and I give a bottle around 8am with her vitamin. Both of these are fortified with Neosure. I pump when I wake up and get enough to cover both feedings. I also pump 1-2 other times per day but I'm dropping that to 1 now and will eventually just pump when I miss a feeding.

    Best of luck to you!  

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  • Awesome!  It will be great!  To answer your questions:

     Nope. Didn't pump after breast feeding unless I was uncomfortable, and then I just pumped for a minute to relieve the discomfort.  Your supply will adjust. 

    My dd sometimes ate quickly, and sometimes took forever. I couldn't wake her if she fell asleep up in the beginning. When she was out she was OUT!

    I wasn't on neosure. 


    Other tips:  

    Get a nipple shield (or 10. You'll lose them!). Total life savers!  DD had a hard time latching and we used it for a few months before she self-weaned from it.  

     Use lanolin on your nipples even if they're not sore. It will work wonders. I thought I didn't need it because of the shield, but learned the hard way. Ouch!  30 seconds of agonizing pain when she first started eating every time she ate was hell until I realized that lanolin was the answer!

     Good luck! 



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  • I am in the same/similar situation to you.  Farrah was 34 weeks and is now 3 weeks old.  I was told to only try BF every other feeding and offer the bottle (with added neosure) after each BF attempt. Well yesterday at 4 p.m. she took her whole feeding from breast and did not want the bottle after. She has been EBF since 4 p.m. yesterday. This morning it took her an hour to finish eating.  She fell asleep twice during the feeding. I pick her up and burp her and this usually wakes her up. I have put the neosure mixed with Breast milk in her bottles.   I think that she will just get one bottle per day, mixed with neosure and her vitamins now that she has the hang of BF'ing. I called LC as well to ask if I can stop pumping...I haven't pumped since 12 p.m. yesterday.
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