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My long day trying to help DS

I missed you girls yesterday!

It has taken DS to be suspended yesterday from daycare till the end of this week for biting. They have informed me that the bites have gotten worst and worst.

I am of course upset that it has taken them this long to get me to do something because there has only been a  least a handful of reports since he has been there since last August. They have not told me much and I thought he was doing good in daycare.

DS is speech delayed.

We have already spoken with the director and teacher. They said they would send him home if he bites a child.

We were able to get a doctor's appointment with the pediatrician to get referrals for occupational therapy and behavioral therapy. And I am hoping they would evaluate him sooner than the date they gave us of August 9.

I can't help but to worry now. I want DS to get help.


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Re: My long day trying to help DS

  • ((hugs))

    This is my big worry--especiallly after I've signed my umpteenth report at the daycare.  I'm so scared  he's going to get thrown out. 

    Then I talk to his 'school' teacher today (he's in a special ed pre-k program as well) and OMG the stuff....OMG.

    So I'm with you--why aren't they cluing us in earlier????

    I knew he was having issues at home--and some at other locations--but nothing like what I found out.

    So I did just find a behavioral pediatrician---so now it's trying to get in.  I did find out from my pedi though that they will be the biggest help--so I'm super hopeful!

  • This has happened to me before about a year ago at yet another daycare.

    I worry how they would consider DS with his special needs or for how long they are willing to work with him.

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