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Oh No!

Charlie got out of his crib for the first time!  Looks like he put all his pillows and blankets on the floor as a crash pad.  Does this mean we need to switch to a toddler bed right away? I am totally not ready! Tongue Tied
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Re: Oh No!

  • Ellie got out of the crib for the first and only time (that we know of) last August.  She wasn't as smart as Charlie and had a hard landing - nothing hurt but really scared her.  She hasn't tried again since.  I talk up how fabulous her crib is all the time trying to keep here there are long as possible!  GL!


  • Must be something about boys named Charlie.

    Mine was exactly the same age.. 2 weeks before 2.. give or take.  And he never did fall out... climbed down just as if he was climbing a tree.

    My dear, I think the seal has been broken.  No going back.

    We put a tension-mounted gate across his door to keep him from wandering the house. But now I don't even bother.  When he gets up, he almost always comes straight to our room.  Not always, tho.. ugh.   But I almost always hear him opening his door and lumbering around.. he stomps around like his father.


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  • jlw2505jlw2505 member
    They sell crib tents that some of my friends have used with success.  I moved my girls at 18 months (we needed the crib for #2) and 17 months (she never liked the crib) to twin beds on the floor and they both did great and it made life easier if we were traveling as they were used to being in a bed.  We had bed rails that just slipped on and were easy enough to bring with us if needed.
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  • As long as Thomas' feet are covered he can't climb out of the crib.   Yes, this means he still wears footie PJs.
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  • steverstever member

    We kept DS in his crib for a while after he started climbing out because he basically lost interest in climbing out after the first few times he did it.

    When we finally converted his crib to a toddler bed he was just past 2.

  • PeskyPesky member
    LOL!  FWIW, we switched DS to his twin bed around that time.  It was fine once I got bed rails (and put a pressure-mounted gate on his doorway).

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  • maybe it was just a fluke.. but if he prepped his landing, i'm thinking it wasn't. :) it's OK, mama.

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  • Yikes! Sounds like he's made the decision without you! Don't worry, it'll be fine. I don't think any of mine were in a crib past two, at least for the girls. They were climbers, and did much better once they were in beds. It was a pain sleep training them, but it didn't last long and I gated the room. I wouldn't bother with a crib tent, it won't really slow them down and most have been recalled anyway.
  • I have no advice...I'm hoping that DS stays in his crib as long as possible.  (Though the crib is looking smaller and smaller...)  Love that he was ready for a crash landing!
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