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First birthday/anniversay approaching-preg. mentioned

I lost my twins at 22 weeks due to unknown preterm labor last June 8th.  Their first birthday and anniversary is approaching.  It's a weird position I miss them terribly but I am also very excited to be pregnant with our rainbow baby. I have always wanted 3 children and there are days I can't get over the fact that if things were different this would be my 3rd here on earth.  My question for you does anyone know of a quote or poem for the 1st birthday or 1st anniversary in heaven?  What did you do to remember your child/children on this day? 

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Re: First birthday/anniversay approaching-preg. mentioned

  • My loss is pretty recent so I don't have any advice. But I wanted to say that I'm so sorry for the loss of your twins, and congratulations on your pregnancy! Wishing you peace and comfort on your angel babies' birthday.

      Our Angel Patricia born sleeping 3/30/12 at 31 weeks
    Our Fighter Anna born early 1/8/13 at 26 weeks
    Hoping to bring home #3 due 9/9/15
  • I don't have a specific quote or poem.  For Logan's 1st birthday we kept it simple, intimate.  We were going to be out of town visiting my family 600+ miles away so the day before we left we took a small present (a solar dancing sunflower) and some birthday balloons to his grave.  While we were away we had decided we would carve a pumpkin (He was born on October 28th just a few hours after DH had carved a pumpkin for my hospital room next to my bedside...) just for Logan.  My mom bought a single cupcake for him too.  DH carved the pumpkin with "Logan" and a star and moon since we always read Goodnight Moon to him.  We lit it and sat it in the window. 

    It was nothing major.  Like I said, intimate.  But it meant the world to me.  This will be a tradition that we will carry on with our children too.  We'll always carve pumpkins for halloween but we'll carve a specific one and light it for him on his birthday every year.


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