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If you are a moderate runner and pregnant....

What is you plan for running during your pregnancy (miles per week, times per week, increase vs maintain mileage)?  By moderate, I mean running about 10-15 miles per week before your pregnancy and doing a few races a year but nothing huge. 

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Re: If you are a moderate runner and pregnant....

  • I had big plans to keep up my running and after my 1/2 marathon at 6 weeks it all fell apart. My running group took a break for the month of May and I have been so lazy. I don't think it helps that I am exhausted by the time I get home and just want to nap. Now that my 2nd tri is here and my energy is returning and my running group is starting back up, I plan to get back into it. I want to be as active as possible. Good luck with everything!
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  • mb314mb314 member

    I'll be 24 weeks tomorrow, and I consider myself a moderate runner (running 3 to 4 miles two to three times a week).  My goal originally was to run through the entire pregnancy, but honestly, it is getting more uncomfortable.  I get a lot of pressure on my bladder, making me feel like I have to pee (even though I don't - I've stopped before and tried to pee and I can't go).  The pressure on the bladder causes a cramping feeling, which makes it really uncomfortable to run.  It is worse at the beginning of my runs, so doing a 1 mile or 4 mile run doesn't help. 

    I also just feel like I don't have the ability, both in my lungs and just all over my body, to go fast.  I've slowed from a 9:30 mile to about a 11:30 mile (12 minutes if you count how often I stop). 

    So my revised goal is to run until I hit my 7th month at least.  I may not make it that far.  I also swim and do the elliptical for cardio.  I've found that I'm now only running once or twice a week and doing elliptical or swimming the other days.  I'm hoping to keep up some form of cardio, even if it's just swimming, through the entire pregnancy.  But I'm not sure if I'll still be running in the 3rd tri. 

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  • I planned on running as usual through at least the whole 2nd tri...I didn't quite make it that long.  I found that I was cramping up quickly so I cut out running around week 22ish and continued with walking, zumba, and weight lifting.  I still walk and do light weight lifting but had to stop zumba a few weeks ago.  I do miss running, I look forward to starting up again in a few months!
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  • lubee12lubee12 member

    I ran up until my 38 week (37 weeks was my goal). I only ran about 3 times a week for 50 mins. Sometimes i had to run slower and take it down to be able to get the 50 in but i did. I found that wearing a support belt was the only way i could do it. I felt in the beginining that i had to pee but i really didn't and then wearing the belt made a huge difference. Hopefully you will be able to keep running because i really feel like that is why i had such an easy and laid back pregnancy.


    Good luck

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  • Before I knew I was pregnant I was running a little over 3 miles (my neighborhood loop is like 3.2 miles) 4-5 times per week. I actually just did a race last Friday (it was only a 5k) and didn't realize I was pregnant at the time. I was about 4 weeks and 5 days at the time. I was planning to sign up for a 1/2 marathon in November -- but I don't think I will now. I really hope to keep running throughout my pregnancy, for as long as my body feels that it's a safe and wise decision. But I'm not sure what my specific goal is yet. I also hope to keep doing Zumba, and yoga -- although I'll probably look for a prenatal yoga class. 
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  • I am still running 4x a week 3 miles each time. I have not slowed yet and did this with my other two pregnancies. I had the two easiest deliveries and think staying fit is why.
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  • marym94marym94 member
    Before pregnancy I was running 4-5 miles 5-6 days a week.  I have kept up running while pregnant (knock on wood) and things have definitely changed, but I am still working through it.  I took some time off in my first tri bc i was so sick, but otherwise, I have maintained running 4-5 days per week. At first I cut back on the milage and started covering 3-4 miles each run, and now (at 29 weeks pregnant) I am running 2-3 miles per run... and they are sloooww.  1/2 the time i stop to take a walk break at some point, just bc i feel like my body needs it - but i am just trying to listen to my body and treat each run (or jog is prob a better word for me!) like it could be my last!  if i feel my body needs me to stop - then i will stop - otherwise, i will go as long as i can!
  • I was a moderate runner, but I wasn't able to keep up with it during my pregnancy.  Between being tired all the time and morning sickness, I couldn't do it in the first trimester.  I felt better later on in pregnancy, but had already gotten out of the habit of running Sad

    I switched to walking and yoga as my exercise.  If you are feeling good though, you should be able to keep up the same routine that you had pre-pregnancy - at least for a while.

    I really miss running now and plan to start again in September after the recovery period.

    Good luck to you!

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  • I found out I was pregnant week 2 into a 12 week 1/2 marathon training schedule. I continued with training schedule until I ran my 1/2 marathon at 16 weeks. Never missed a training run and was typically doing about 20-25 miles/week.

    After the 1/2, I started scaling back the run mileage, but increasing the number of days. To keep me on track, every month I make up a new "training" schedule.

    I try for 4-5 days a week of running. During the week I do 3 miles and on the weekend I try for a longer run of 5-6 miles. I tried to do longer runs, but it's just too hard now- especially with the heat.

    Since most all 1/2 marathon training plans want you to have a good base of 10-15 miles/week, that's what I'm trying to stick to for as long as possible.

    I'm still doing 5k races, but not really "racing" anymore. I walk when I need to and take lots of water breaks. I actually had my husband put my Garmin away so I would stop looking at my time. I'm slower and I have to learn that's ok. I hope by doing this, I can continue for the next 18 weeks or so.

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  • I was the definition of a moderate runner before I got pregnant. I would normally run 2-3 miles and walk another mile or so 3-5 days a week.

    I am now 38 weeks pregnant. At first, I was very consistent with keeping up my runs, or rather jogs. It was modified, however I still had my butt on the treadmill. I would run about 2 miles and walk another mile 3-5 times a week. Month 7-8 I kind of lost a lot of energy. I may have gone two weeks without jogging a couple of times.

    In my last two weeks of pregnancy, I'm hoping to keep my weight gain minimal in the final stretch. I'm going to try and jog 3-4 times a week. I can only jog about 1.5 miles now, and that's at a pretty slow pace. I walk another mile and a half. I've gained about 28lbs thus far. My diet has been kind of atrocious, as I have a horrible sweet tooth. I wanted to gain no more than 25lbs, but it's looking like I'll end up gaining 30. I probably would have gained a significant more amount if I had not exercised throughout my pregnancy.

    Best of luck to you. 

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  • i ran up until 18 hours before i went into labor. i ran 12-15 miles/week, 4-5 days a week. i had no issues maintaining this throughout pregnancy. i just maintained what i did pre-PG
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  • I 'want' to keep running my whole pregnancy but I don't think that is possible for me. I went for a 5 mile run yesterday and afterwards I thought I was going to die. I am so tired as it is and then adding in the run totally wiped me out. Pre-pregnancy I ran 6 days a week and now I am hoping for 4 days a week. I also noticed that running earlier in the day helps. Anything in the evening is out. Good luck! Let's keep each other motivated!! 
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