Late Term and Child Loss


Look at this necklace! As soon as I saw it I thought of you and your sweet baby girl. I think you need this!

Hope you are doing well. I miss hearing updates about your life. <3

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Re: **ClaireFraser**

  • Sorry I am just now responding (I hope you see this), I got really sick from surgery complications for a few days.

    I am glad you have one like that. It's perfect for remembering Charlotte!

    It goes by way too fast. Blake turned 7 months on the 18th. I was shopping today and almost cried looking at the infant clothes.

    I am pretty good I went back to work but only part time and I take extra days off here and there too. Yes, I do want another one or even two. I know what you mean about being scared. The thought alone of ttc, then the fears before each appointment, plus in between, or wondering if you're in early labor ( I could go on and on) are enough to drive you crazy. The end result is so worth it though. So despite my fears I will be taking the plunge again just not for a little bit.

    Gavin's angelversary is very close. Actually tomorrow is the first time he actually passed so right now I can't Really say I am good. Right now I am a wreck. I am just trying to hold it in for Blake even thought he's not old enough to understand he gets a very sad look on his face when I cry, so I do it in the other room. He is actually helping me a because I swear his brother sends messages through him. Like when I am sad but not showing it Blake kisses my cheek or smiles really bug at me. It's as if he knows I needed some cheering up.

    O.k. enough of my rambling. Again I am so glad to hear from you!

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