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Riding the bus . . . .

DS will be using some school transport when he turns 3 and goes to the public preschool mid-fall. We met some folks from the school at one of our transition meetings, and they asked if he had a "medical stroller." We don't have one because we are hoping he can get away with a high-weight-limit traditional stroller, since he is now cruising furniture and going great guns in the gait trainer.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation, with a child who can't climb into a vehicle on his own, but doesn't need a wheel chair? I understand that an aide should not have to lift him into the vehicle, but are there other options?

As always, TIA :) 


Re: Riding the bus . . . .

  • That was L at that age. His muscle weakness makes it so climbing is out of the question (stairs, not great), and walking wasn't impossible or slow. We actually got our first Chariot jogging stroller because it went up to 75lbs (single). When T came along (L was 5) we got the double, because he still needed to ride sometimes, but a wheelchair was more than he needed.

    As for the bus, in preschool he had a bus that came to pick him up that was specifically for physical handicaps. Depending on which bus, they either pulled the wheelchair ramp for him to walk in, or lifted him. They also had to do lift assist with him into the seat, he couldn't climb. We've gotten away with no wheelchair so far, except one hospitalization a year and a half ago when he couldn't walk at all, and they couldn't release him because he had to recover enough to function at home. Our house wasn't equiped for it, and I would have had to help lift a 140lb teen constantly with a newborn in the house. He had 6 weeks of rehab, and was able to walk with minimal assistance after that (walker). Now, he's "recovered".

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    Marley is only 25 lbs but for the bus we carrying her on and strap her in and then at school one of her teachers unstraps her and carries her to her light weight stroller which then they use to transport her to the classroom.

    At the end of the school day it is reversed. 

  • I don't have experience with that exactly but last fall --just after school started--- DS1 who takes the "little" bus Wink (that he absolutely loves) fractured his foot and was in a cast.  I didn't know what to do.

    What we ended up doing per the school, was getting an umbrella stroller.  I would have to drive him to school and then we'd wait for his bus and then they'd just wheel him in with the whole gang.  In your case, could you just "help" your LO on to the bus (there are times I still help DS1 get on as the steps are super high and he has issues sometimes)---and then they can just "assist walking" when removing LO.  And then once off the bus just use the trainor??



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