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We are officially on meds.

We had our long awaited appt. with a psychiatrist yesterday.

 He started my DS (ADHD-inattentive subtype) on the non-stimulant, Strattera.  Starting off VERY low at 5 mg for the first 4 days and slowly working our way up to 35mg over the next 8 weeks.

 Since school is more or less done and he reacted so strongly to the meds before, feel so glad to be taking this slow.

 Now, fingers crossed that a. it works, b. there are minimal side effects, and c. it can help him focus on what he needs to focus on (as opposed to the wind blowing the trees outside, the new song he's learning in choir, whatever book he's currently into, the eagle eating a snake on the Mexican flag, etc....) 

 Also, Michelle Gacia Winner is coming to MPLS for a conference on Social Thinking and to talk about the latest in her work.  I am FOR SURE going.  Yay- so excited!!!  I wrote an email to the principal and my son's spec. ed teacher to see if we can go as a team and then report back to the teachers what we learned.  Given that it's a program for ALL children, not just HFA, AS, ADHD, maybe they'll bite!!! 

Re: We are officially on meds.

  • I think we are going to have to try a non-stimulate as well. So glad things are moving in a positive direction!
  • yeah, we tried adderall and meditate and he had severe reactions to both!
  • We're on day 3 of Strattera- only 5mg- so far so good.  Don't notice anything so far- so I'm happy about that because I'm scared to death of the side effects of this med- sleeping problems, growth issues, nausea, dry mouth, headache, and, liver damage.

    Just going SUPER slow...it will be interesting to watch what happens over the summer.  I'm logging it daily!


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