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xp - fever w/ no other symptoms?

Dr. Moms - what is this?

DD woke up crying at 2 am, couldn't tell me what was wrong, but was very upset and burning up. I took her temp - it was 100.9 - but she hadn't thrown up, she said she had a scary dream, etc. I laid down w/ her and we slept until 6:30/7. We're both up now and she's watching Blues Clues. Her temp is the same and she's clearly miserable, crying intermittently, but can't tell me anything that hurts, insists she isn't sick. She hasn't thrown up, no diarhea. I'm a little concerned she might have a UTI, I've asked to pee 2x, but she said she already did. Maybe she did in her pull up, but I would think if she had a UTI she'd be in pain.

This is only the 3rd or 4th time she's had a fever so I really don't know what to do here.

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Re: xp - fever w/ no other symptoms?

  • DS had a fever with no other symptoms (other than intermittent fussiness) about 2 weeks ago. We gave him Ibuprofen (and occasionally Tylenol) to keep the fever down. We gave a luke warm bath when it got really high and tried to get him to drink water, but he didn't really. I think that was the second time he's had what seemed to be a virus that just caused a fever and nothing else.

    I hope she feels better soon!!!


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  • This is what happened when J had hand, foot & mouth.  He never had any others symptoms other than a fever, was cranky for about a week, and didn't really want to eat.  The sores showed up at the end of the week, we thought it was teething.
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  • Most likely she has a little cold.


    It usually comes with crankiness, a mild fever and sometimes a little stuffed up nose.


    My daughter has gotten them a couple times, you might want to give her some Tylenol to bring down her fever, but most likely you don't have much to worry about.


    It should be gone in a few days.

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  • I would try to give her any fluids that she'll drink, which would hopefully lead to more peeing and then maybe rule out a UTI? Poor Ella :(
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  • We went to the doctor - the no drinking/no peeing was bothering me.

    She had a 103 fever when we got there.  Conclusion is she has a viral bug, probably lower GI since she had some loose stools (TMI - sorry).  Her little friend at school has something similar but worse - they are on their way to the ER.  And, miracle of miracles, the nurse got her to take some ibuprofen, so I didn't have to do a suppository.  She took a nap and asked for some ice cream - I think she's on the mend!

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  • Hopefully she's better today and everyone got some decent sleep!
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  • yep - we all slept and I even managed to get her to take her meds last night.  today, not so much.  DH is home w/ her today for another day of recovery.
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