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My Preemie got Pertussis! :(

This is kind of a PSA for all mom's of preemies out there, after what has been a very scary experience. My preemie is now 2 1/2 but still has a lot of health issues relating to prematurity, making him very susceptible. He was fully vaccinated but like many preemies, he did not get full immunity. He is finally starting to get a bit better but we've had many trips to the hospital & he's on a ton of meds for breathing now. The cough can apparently last upwards of 12 wks & it is the most awful sound ever! 

If you have a baby (especially under 6 mos old) PLEASE ask your Dr about getting a booster for yourself & anyone else spending time around the baby! The huge majority of pertussis cases are spread from a caregiver, unknowingly. In adults, whooping cough can be very mild & most just assume it is a cold. It is incredibly contagious & can be fatal for young kids. There is outbreaks all across the country right now & the numbers of reported cases are climbing every day! Most states are even offering free vaccinations if you do not have insurance coverage for it.

It is so easy to gt vaccinated & it is so worth it. I hope none of you ever have to go through this! 



Re: My Preemie got Pertussis! :(

  • I'm glad you wrote this.

     It's so important to get vaccinated

     Every year 1 out of every 8 adults get pertussis, but almost all are undiagnosed. People don't realize how common it is!

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