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TTC Issues

My husband and I found out about 2 months ago that I have PCOS. At first it didn't seem like it would be a big deal. I was having regular cycles (just off by about a week). Well this cycle is about 3 weeks off of a normal persons cycle.....I am starting to worry. I went into my GYN for a 2 month check up and she didn't seem bothered that I hadn't ovulated yet (saw the nurse....not the doctor). She said that if we weren't pregnant by 6 months to a year then we should come back and see her....then she corrected herself and said that a year unless something comes up.

We got off BC in November and started trying (or so I thought). I was having what I thought were regular cycles until March. I understand that I am 23 and my husband is 29 and we are still young, but come on! I was going to get a second opinion, but the other two OB/GYNs in Edmond that I was going to try to go to are not taking any new patients.

 My MIL says that I should stay positive (I try...I really do) and that it will happen when I keep telling myself that it will. There are just some times that staying positive just isn't going to work.....especially when I pee on a stick each morning just for it it to tell me that I am not ovulating!!!!!

Should I try to find another OB/GYN to go to for advise? Should I go find a fertility doctor around Edmond/OKC area? Should I just keep trying to stay positive and wait a year? I just don't know what to do anymore. Suggest doctors if you think I should find one.....I go to Dr. Noel Williams....I tried Dr. Michelle Seavey and Dr Elisa Sparks.

 Thanks for the help

Re: TTC Issues

  • What kind of BC where you on? I was on depo for 2 years or so and it took DH and I a while to conceive. I had read that it takes a while to get it fully out of you system. But I would definitely get a second opinion. You would think that the nurse would be a little concerned if you're TTC and not ovulating. She seems like a slacker nurse. Lol. I completely understand you frustration but like your MIL said try to stay positive. The more stressed you are the harder it will be. :) Good luck on finding a doctor.
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