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In an effort to kick-start this board again, I'm reposting all my questions from other boards here! This one is from the Cloth Diaper board, and I'm curious what my fellow CINCINNATI moms think or have experienced. 

I'm curious about cloth diapers. I'm 23 wks preg. and I haven't told the dad yet about this thought because he a big convience freak and I want to be armed for the discussion. I like the idea of cloth diapering due to cost savings and environmental impact. I'm not sure on any other benefits, as I've done 0 research on this issue, but those are my two driving forces. I also plan to breast feed as much as humanly possible, largely due to cost impact.

1. What do I need to know about cloth diapering?

2. I'm only off for 7 wks, how easy is it for a gare-giver to cloth diaper? Curerntly searching to take baby to someone's home.

3. I've checked out some posts and there are lots of terms thrown around that I'm unfamiliar with. I also noticed there are many types, how do you choose?

4. Is there a good book to get from the library or any other resources?

TIA, I'm sure there will be many more questions!

Re: Cloth Diapering Virgin...

  • I plan to take a class from

    They should be able to answer all of your questions and let you and your SO get a feel for them. 

    Another place that offers a class is: Is a diaper service in Cincinnati if you decide to not wash them yourself.


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  • I would recommend taking the cloth diapering cuteness at Park + Vine. The instructor is very knowledgable and cloth diapers both of her children. I learned a lot from the class and then local moms and the cloth diapering board. On the cloth diapering board, they have a FAQ's area at the very top and there is lots of good info there. We used traditional prefolds with covers in the beginning, but now use pocket diapers. I have not had any real success getting my sitter to use them. We tried for a while, but Eden would always be in different clothes when I went to pick her up, the sitter would have leaks. We have only had a leak twice ourselves.We have disposables with the sitter and then cloth at home. I would recommend cloth, it's really not that much work.
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  • There is also a cloth diapering session at the Cincinnati Center for Family enrichment.
  • another suggestion if you want to "try out" cloth is to use a diapering service. Definitely more expensive in the long run than buying your own stash but it may be useful just to get a taste for cloth. There is actually still one that exists in Cincy and will deliver diapers to your door.  
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  • I went to the class at Park + Vine also and loved it. It really helped sort out a lot of my confusion. Being able to see and touch all of the different kinds definitely helps when choosing what would be best to buy. I ended getting a stash of prefolds and covers for when my LO is a newborn and some pocket diapers and all in ones for a little later on.
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  • I have been cloth diapering for nearly 4 years.  In the newborn stage, I used prefold diapers from + a snappi to hold + Thirsties covers in size extra small.  We used those for about 4-5 weeks, and then my daughter fit into our pocket diapers.  I LOVE the Bum Genius 4.0 diapers with snaps.  I would not recommend their aplix/velcro closure.  We like the function/look/durability of the snaps much better.  

    I have also tried all of the other Cotton Babies/Bum Genius brand diapers - Flip, Econobum, Elemental, and the 4.0 diapers.  If you have any questions, let me know! 

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  • I've found the board on TB to be invaluable, especially the FAQ, and I also really liked this book:

    I built my stash with lots of different types of diapers and bought a lot used, figuring that if some of them didn't work out we could resell for what I paid for them (since CDs have such a great resale value). GL!


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