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Advice about a kid that scratches?

My DD has always been a scratcher, but lately, its been really bad. When she gets upset about something, she takes it out on me with her claws (I try to cut them as often as I could). Today, she fell in the parking lot on the way out from school. While I carried her to the car, she seriously mutilated me. I have bloody scratches on my chin and neck. As far as I know, she hasnt done this to other kids but I'm a little nervous she will. Any suggestions how to curb this? I"ve scratched her back (not hard), cut her nails...timeouts are useless here. Thanks!

Re: Advice about a kid that scratches?

  • I hear that low sugar counts may cause tantrums, so a nice piece of advice I've heard of...bring a juice box to her at pickup.

    So far, a nice cool juice drink and a graham cracker will help us too.  When I don't bring a juice and snack, its meltdown central some days. 

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  • Make her walk before she caused scarring.  Wish I could give more advice. 
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